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Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫

Teh sometimes interesting rambling of T3h Sarah

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21 June 1988
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Hello! My name is Sarah [Sarah-Sarah] or Lady Norémon and I am 27 years-old. I am 5'3'' and have red hair and brown eyes. I also have flat feet.

I am Canadian!

I created and am Moderator (now Co-Moderator) for sheikxlink_fc [a fan community for the 'Shink' pairing].

I also created & moderate nekoki_ha [a "REC" fan community].

I like various manga, comics, video games, and anime. I also like cooking, gardening, biking, traveling, and I collect insulators [I be a member of ICON too]. I am a fan of "Vampire: The Masquerade" & the Vampire Chronicles. I am a HUGE "Doctor Who" fan, and my favourite Doctors are Nine, Seven, & Eight! ...I really don't know what else to put here.

I also play a few MMORPGS:

RuneScape: Lady_Noremon (or ElegansZI)
Echo Bazaar: @Lady_Noremon (linked in-game account) | @LS_Cassius (role-play account)
KoL: Sheikan
MapleStory: Sheikano [on Bera]
.hack//chat: Sheikan
Guild Wars; NightFall: Sarah Cassius
Second Life: Sarah Camus

I mostly just play RuneScape now, so if you want to play with me on any of the others let me know, and I'll try to go on! Also I used to be -really- into "Echo Bazaar", but since having to leave the #ebzrp group, I haven't really been playing the game-game much. My character is a little red haired detective named ls_cassius


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Sarah's Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 0903-3278-0830

Lady Noremon on XBox Live


'Lady-Noremon' on DeviantART.

'Sarah Dumphy' on MySpace (my[___]).

'Sarah Dumphy' on Facebook.

'Lady_Noremon' on Twitter.

'Lady_Noremon' on Plurk.

'Sarah Dumphy' on Google+

Raptr Gamercard
'Lady_Noremon' on Raptr.

'Lady_Noremon' on GetGlue.

'LadyNoremon' on Ask.FM.

'LadyNoremon' on Formspring.

'Lady_Noremon' on foursquare.

'Lady_Noremon' on Blip.FM.

lady_noremon's Profile Page

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=O I was stamped as KILLUA at hunter_rating!

I am still waiting to be stamped in les_innocents_ but Santiago is in the lead.

I was stamped as Marluxia at o13_identity

Link/Sheik is love!
SheikxLink is lovely...

'I like bananas. Bananas are good.'

Made by ForeverKnight: I HEART ERASURE!!!!!~♥


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