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Ok yesterday I got a VE-HIC-AL! It cost $250 CAD ^_^

it is a old "Profesinal Bowling Repair" van :D

it is bright red, and has rust spots, and the ppl that sold it filled it full of garbage before Charles picked it up (it was clean when he bought it).

I'm calling it the "Shag Wagon" atleast temporary, since Wendy was teasing me saying I was only going to use it to go parking...

The AM radio works, the lights work, the engine is good, the windsheild wipers work...though the windsheild is broken ^^;

It is my first vehicle (besides bikes, the lawn tractor, and a toy car I had), but it probally couldn't get saftey inspected because of the rust, but it's something to play with and hon my driving skills -- I might just have to get my license now!

The Shag Wagon

I have no idea what area that number is from...the sign is actually painted to decaled...

The front, yes the bumber is bent...

the make of van :)

Optimus Prime? The other doublt door doesn't open (the one with only one window)

rear end, lovely Nova Scotia license plate!

the plush blue (bus?) drivers seat. I have to get in like I would get on a horse, by stradling the stearing wheel...

Passenger seat (i wish the drivers was this nice :D ), and the driver's seat arm rest

The back interior...

the remnates of what those bastards did

the plywood separator


Oh and the uncovered engine! (don't worry the cover is leaning up against the seats ^^; )
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