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-insert interesting title-

Well since I haven't posted it, I think I should say that I FINALLY BEAT BUJINGAI! =O Hella sweet game XD Oh how lovely Lao/Gackt is, I love his costume. Though he doesn't say anything except spells, attacks, damage noises, and "Bujingai." and "Yuffa" (I forgot how to spell her name >_< )

Anyway for the next week or so, I have to wear an "Activity Monitor"; it's really a step-o-meter, but whatever. I have to wear it because I volunteered for this study Acadia and Dalhousie are doing, about how active grades 11s in Nova Scotia are. I am not a grade 11, but I am in a grade 11/12 French course. Anyway this belt I have to wear yesterday made me feel kinda like Link, since I was wearing a green t-shirt, and I had to wear it over my shirt so it kinda resembled a tunic thing ^^; Ah but now it is under my over t-shirt thing XD so it is all good, I'll take a picture of it later.

Tonight is going to be GREAT! I am having Matt over for spaghetti! X3

Yes I like to cook. I made spaghetti for Matt once before, and he said it was very good, and since I haven't had Matt over in over a month, I figured I'd ask him. So his mom is dropping him and me off after school ^___^

And I am having to re-do my Hamlet project. I am now assigned a kids book (yes another one T_T ) I have to pass it in by next Friday ;-; No more weekend for Sarah. No RuneScape for Sarah ether. This reminds me I need to renew my members before the end of this month!

Not this week though, this allowance is going to but a steak, batteries, and these months Shonen JUMP. Of course not all for the same reason XD (makes me think of a battery-powered-meat-manga-monster...)

I dreamt I was using Nen last night :D And I was given this make-over thing, and all the boys at school wanted me XD and all the girls hated me because of this. I kept saying I didn't want to go out with anyone 'cept Matt, but they didn't believe me...Then they stole my glasses. So I was doing this sort-of roller-blade Nen thing down the halls looking for them, and I tripped flat-out, and a teacher saw me. He was in his little office thing, and browsing FMA sites O_o; He said it was his kids I told him I'd forget him, if he would forget me being clumsy. Then I was called to the office. They told me that I should avoid the girls washrooms, because of my super style ^^; so I go outside, and there is a huge group of angry people. The leader I’m guessing throws my glasses under the bleachers/steps of this weird school I was in. So I use Nen and rip off the steps and find my glasses, with the help of some random people…actually I think one of them was some guy from school, he said “Oh you know Nen too” *sigh* and this is why I shouldn’t play Bujingai and eat hot bean burritos before bed….or at the same time.

OH that reminds me on an episode of "Totally Spies" I watched awhile ago they had a chick named "Jessica Walker" which is the name of a girl in my school/grade, and "Clara Hughes" which is a Canadian Olympic athlete XDDD

Oh and I’m on Nexium (is that how it is spelled?) for my stomach. This past weekend I was up till 4 in the morning on Friday and Sunday, due to pains. My doctor asked me if I was under stress. ^^;

ALSO I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR GON FREECES' BIRTHDAY TOMARO!!!!! (But sadly I am not able to draw well atm, or write for that matter ^^; ) So I might be a little late on the commemorative gift...

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