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Hammy, oh how I dislike your project work

Ok I'm working on my Hamlet project/book thing, and *ARRRRRRGGG!* I'm sick of it!

Here is a excerpt from what I have wrote;

“I was sitting in the garden. It was a beautiful day, and I was enjoying it. I had almost dozed off, when Claudius creep up near me. I pretended to be asleep, just thinking he was passing by. I wish I hadn’t! Claudius had come to kill me. He poured a horrible deadly poison into my ear. This poison caused the most tremendous pain! He killed me to steal the throne. It was even worst however, since I did not have a chance to confess my sins before I died, and thus was sent to Hell!”
“You have come for me to avenge your death, father?”
“Yes you must kill you uncle! Please, please don’t harm Gertrude though! Even though she re-married, I still love her with al my heart.”
“So be it father. For you I will seek revenge!”
“Good-bye, my son, farewell!” With that the ghost disappeared. Hamlet now stood in shock. Was that really the ghost of his father? Was what it said true? Did Hamlet’s uncle really murder his father? Just then Horatio and Marcellus, come running in. Horatio is Hamlet’s best friend.
“Hammy are you alright?” Horatio asked.

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