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*Super yawn*

First off, everytime I here the word "chicane" (which means shouting btw in french), I automatically think "Sheikan" one of my screen-names.... ^^;

One of the books on pot that Mrs. Oldford has around the classroom, is by some guy named Sean makes me think of Sean Connery... ^^;

And now on to a actually rambling post!

I am downloading HIGH quality episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats ^__^ I have some VERY quality episodes, but last night I decided "I shall look for good ones!" So thus as soon as Edopolios gets it's tracker back up, I shall be rolling in ultra happy joy. fox_avenger does a EXCELLENT impersonation of the narrator of SPC >^_____^< *claps*

Now just to get a big thing of disks....then I shall copy;

Meine Liebe (the last few episodes),
The Legend of Zelda (yes the old school cartoon),
Pita-Ten (a few episodes),
Bottle Fairy,
Rooftop Room Cat (I want to copy it to disk, but it has subtitle files, and I'm not sure if Nero 6 can do subtitles for VCDs...),
Kamikazi Kaitou Jeanne (well maybe...),
Hunter x Hunter (I just want to re-burn the disks that are damaged)

Then I'll probbally need more disks, to copy SPC ;-;


It has been 2 weeks since I've kissed Matt O_o; I'm all wtf about that....

And I shall post my french book soon I think.

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