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Please excuse my poor grammer today >_< translating from english to french messes me up a bunch.
Ok for French Core 12, I am assigned a childern's book on divorce to write.

I finished drawing the pictures, and writting it, but I need to translate my words into french. I decide "Hey why not see what weird little thing Babelfish gives me!" XD

Original text

D.P.S Unit Project Final
80-100%: Ecrivez un livre pour enfants
This is Jill.
She is five years old.
Jill has two fathers, and a mother.
One father is her step father. His name is Paul.
The other father is her biological father. His name is Jim.
Her mother's name is Margot. She divorced Jim.
Paul and Margot then got married.
Jill likes Paul, but adores Jim.
Jim lives in a house on the other side of town.
Jill only gets to vist Jim on the weekends.
This makes Jill and Jim sad.
Margot and Paul are going on vacation. They will be gone one week.
Jill gets to stay with Jim while they are away.
Jill and Jim are both very happy.
They both hope Jill will get to vist more often now.

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