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Happier :)

RuneScape Easter Event

No that's not a dead bunny *lmao* I just did the RuneScape Easter event....twice! And I am a hella lot happier then before! (i.e. my last ranty post)

And I want Pumpkin pie :D

So I had better be off >_<

And I miss Matt! I wish he would call, but he is probally too busy :(

Ah oh well!

oh and brownie points if you can say where the "Shagalhod" Shagohod is from! (besides being the name of my computer!)

Hint my External Hard-drive is named "Colonel Volgin", my DELL printer is named "Sniper Wolf", and my Canon printer is named "Psycho Mantis"


I also made 2 new user pictures. Replacing "L thinking" with "L", and "happy Killua" with "happy Gon"

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