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Still feel sick. Though not as bad. Some dude hit on me on yahoo, man it pissed me off. Now I can't wait for Fable, damn Mathias. "It's soposed to be like Morrowind only not." I like Morrowind a lot even though I'm sure I'm misspelling it. I am stuck in Windwaker. I hate using walkthoughs. Just like koroks it angers me. I hate koroks 'cept for Makar and Hollo. Kokori are waaay better, take Saria and Fado. And how dah hell did zoras become ritos?!? I love the sage cut scenes in Windwaker. I like controlling Medeli, the only time you play a chick in legend of zelda (excluding zelda's adventure). Windwaker needs sheikah. The only time you see one is the picture of Impa in the master sword chamber. Sheikah could make just 'bout any game cooler. Now I'm rambling.....oh well.

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