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hi hi

Eh I forgot to post that my tamagotchi family finally died out ^^;

Matia had a baby and then her/the baby died (because I didn't feed them for like 4 hours ;-; )

so that means I've had


Ah but now the batteries are out of the unit, and I am taking a looong break from raising things which can easily die....

Oh and sometime I shall be posting a list of my top 10 animes, and top 10 mangas of this year so far. :3

I am sooooo glad to have a MP3 player again! I was totally in a grooved out state of mind in french class. Feel Good Inc., and GLAY ^______^

And btw my fav j-band is Sparta Locals. I don't think I ever posted that before.

Anyway I think I am going to make a gingerbread house. No I am not insane. The kit expires soon, and I figure I should enjoy making a total mess, and eating almost expired artifical gingerbread/icing.

I hope maybe after it is made to attend the RunescapeLounge photo taking thing....I guess I'll have to hurry in the constuction work then!

Oh and The Elder Scrolls; OBLIVION totally kicks some major ass. I love my pink-haired, Breton, Battlemage. I even got to weild a Dradric mace and shiz for awhile =O (though ofcourse I favor battle/war axes, and heavy armor)!

Anyway must be off to go read friends list.

♪"Come on darling, kiss me deep again"♪

Oh and I'm gittery from coffee, and Runescape withdrawl!

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