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[icon] Dresses (including rant) - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Subject:Dresses (including rant)
Time:01:56 pm
Ok first off those fricking girls bugged me yesterday aswell >_< (the ones that bothered me during my free in the compy lab)

They were all "Hi Sarah DUMPHY!" "See I knew you could use a computer!" "You just have to hit the buttons." "There you go!" *I get up and leave for the library* "Aww your leaving Sarah DUMPHY? Well have a nice life!"


ANYWAY =O moving on!

I went after school yesterday to Digby (a hella pretty little place), to go to Linda Bridal Boutique. My mom and I were going to look for Prom dresses. They didn't have much that I liked. Though they were pretty with nice colors ^_^


The Water. The Harbor. The Town. The Sky.


Infact it almost made me cry ^^; how pretty the water was, almost like jewels or stone counter top.....

Anyway I laidaway ONG BAK at WalMart!!!!! And bough Minnow a harness (well Mom bought it, since I wasn't planning on going, kinda spur-of-the moment and all)!

Though I must be off back to Child Studies!!

I shall tell more news from yesterday later!
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Subject:I hate.... TREND WHORES!!
Time:2006-03-30 03:02 am (UTC)
Remember that? Haha, Good times.
Anyway, on to more pressing matters.
Don't let them get to you, they probably aren't even smart enough to have made those comments on their own.
That type of person exists solely to make another perosn merisable, so show them that it doesn't effect you, and they will fluster, and eventually give up.
Their comments are terrible. You are at least 8 times more experence then almost anyone I know, they are most likely jeleous of your Mad Skillz.
Have they ever bothered you when I am/was there? We will need to identif them, and destroy them.
I hate 'people' like that, we should roam the planet, destroying those like them.

Oh, and congrats on your,... Anime?,... hope you get it/like it.
-Matt Out.
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Subject:Re: I hate.... TREND WHORES!!
Time:2006-03-30 03:06 pm (UTC)
Ah yeah, They\'ve bugged me 2 days now, both being days you were MIA >_<

When I have a Free at the end of the day and shiz.

You should totally kick their colective asses Matty :P

Anyway ONG BAK is a Taiwaness? action movie

Nong Pradu is this little town in the middle of nowhere, and they are suffering from a drought. They are in the middle of holding a festival to celebrate the town hero Ong Bak. Their is a figure/statue of Ong Bak in the temple. Anyway Ting (the main character) wins this tree-climbing challenge and is going to be the chosen/ordained monk of the festival. Some troble makers come into town, and want to buy some artifact from a old man. When he refuses to sell it, they sneak into the temple that night, and take the head off of the statue of Ong Bak.

Ting gets sent into Hong Kong to retrieve Ong Bak\'s head, so that they can continue the festival, and try to end the drought.

It is hella full of action!
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[icon] Dresses (including rant) - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
View:Recent Entries.
View:Website (Lady_Noremon @ Twitter).