Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Well my bihemouth mp3 player seems to be messed up >_<

I just got it replaced Friday, after waiting 2 months to get my old LOVELY one fixed.

I didn't like it as soon as I choose it, but I liked where the buttons were. My old one was PERFECT.

This new one may hold 1GB of music, but it is rather crappy. It doesn't remember what trake it was on last if you turn it off, and it doesn't ahve a "SCROLL SPEED" funtion on it. I don't like how the text goes so SLOW. Though all and all it was better than no player at all. The battery died today, but sometime if you wait awhile you can turn it on, and it will have some power left. Anyway I turn it on, and it says "*no file*" the same for the "VOICE" section (I had recorded some stuff yesterday)! I go to about thinking "Oh maybe the things memory just died." The it says

"Used: 0MB
Free: 0MB"

Hella uncool!!! >_<

A rough drawing of the 1GB player

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