Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Uber Uke

Uber Uke

Well arent you just cuuuuuute? Even so, you aren't

innocent. Though, youd like people to

believe you to be. You also tend to look

much younger than you really are. This'll

come in handy once you get older, but can

sometimes be a real pain when youre in your

late teens/early twenties and are constantly

carded. Anyway, you are the most uke of all

the uke. For now, at least. Once you get

the hang of things, you have the potential of

becoming anywhere from a Bashful Bottom to a

Protean Player! ^_~

Likeliness of being seme: 1%

Likeliness of being uke: 99%

Some fellow Uber Uke: Omi (Weiss Kreuz), Shuuichi

(Gravitation), Goku (Saiyuki), Miki (Shoujo

Kakumei Utena)

What Yaoi Stereotype Are You?
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T_T *grumbles*

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