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Everyone has their unique name, and every name has some kind of meaning behind it. Either its symbology, its historical relevance, or the reason why your parents chose it; there's always a meaning.
So, what about the names we've chosen for ourselves? Our screennames/handles. What's the special meaning behind those?

I want everyone to tell me the meaning of their names - whether its LiveJournal, deviantART, Gaia, RO, anything! Even your IM handle...tell me the meaning of the one(s) you use the most and that are mostfrequently associated with you!

Yanked from alchemy_hisoka

Lady Noremon
Ok this had been my all around screen name for a SHIZ long time. IT started out as simply "Noremon" but after being refered to as a dude, I added the "Lady". I don't reall remember what "Noremon" stands is sopposed to be "Norémon" but many places won't let me use the "é". it is pronounced "Nor-Eh-Mon". Oh yeah now I remeber i used to have a character named "Norémon-Norém-Norom" it was actually 3 dirrerent characters. Norém was a guy, and his sister was Norom, and they could fuse to become some guy called Norémon. I have also used it to try to mean "Northern Monster" as in a rabid fangirl from the north.

Sheikan (also T3h Sheikan)
Matty one day when we were talking over MSN, said "Oh my Sarah the Sheikan lol" or something like that. He purposely mispelled Sheikah and I've use dit since then ^_^ I think it sounds cute!

Informer Bass
It is my Metal Gear Solid name thing from the name generator. I think it is pretty cool, since Matt, is Lone Eel.

Just a cuter form of Lady Norémon.

Nor the Sheikah (also Sarah the Sheikah)
I really like Sheikah from The Legend of Zelda! So thus they are combined with ether my screen name, or my real name which is Sarah.

Burning Glass
This is my alchemist name :P as Trevor is Emerald Alchemist.

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