Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

trippy dream

Yes, but it is kinda hard to explain in words

I dreamt I was this boy, well I guess he really wasn't human, because he was created in this experiment by a Dr.Corbin, I was called Demi, and I had a older 'brother' called Meeka. Well the scientist let us live with him in his appartment, and I think I was like 11 or around there, and Meeka was a few years older. One night the scientist created anouther one of us, but he decided to experiment with this new chemical thing he had made. He injected it into himself and into Wiz (the new being). It extramly mutated Wiz, and had very ill effects on the scientist. Wiz was put into containment, and afyer a few years, Dr.Corbin decided to try injecting a small girl named Petty with the chemical. I tried to escape in a car, but she got in to, and drove like crazy madd, and we had a accident. Meeka pulled me out, but the scientist tried to pull the girl out, and the car blew up. Meeka took me to this place where I would be looked after, and went to finish universidy. I was there and one night Wiz escaped, and went trying to find me and Meeka. The goverment managed to kill Wiz, but not untill it was just down the road from where I was living. I remeber for most of this part, I was huddled in the attic, with a box of Ritz crackers...not long after Meeka came back and was planning on taking me to live with him. We were talking in the attic, which was now my room, he gives me a ruby pendant thing, and he was about to tell me something important, and I wake up.

I keep having snipets of this dream, and sometimes the whole dream, and this is the order how I think the events of it go in.

Gah! I know this sounds really weird.

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