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and I pulled my back again... Though it is my own fault, for "sloughing" T_T

I would like to formally thank alchemy_hisoka for teh doujinshi scans *ultra glomp* Yay!

Ah I've had a pretty un eventfull week. I did gain lvl in RuneScape! I think I'll take last weeks allowence, and next weeks, and buy ShonenJUMP, and *sw-ing" renew my RS membership!

I HOPE I PASSED GLOBAL HISTORY! I want to take french! *flail*

OH! And if anyone cares :P I am debating ether to write anouther KillxGon oneshot, or maybe even draw a 5-10 page comic ^______^ (no it isn't a continuation of "Like Lovers?" though I would like to make a second chapter in the near future...)

Why have I yet again become obsesed with this pairing? I have no idea, I guess I'm trying to stimulate my mind? I want to write a LOZ fic >_<

*dances to techno*

oh and I hope to post some of my rough character sketchs for my "maybe" comic...

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