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-insert interesting title here-

Ok I was sitting here reading about Gackt-kun, and felt a shock in my hand, and my arm jerked without me being willing (I guess that may be the correct wording, I blam Korean dramas if it isn't...)

I BOUGHT MOONCHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my next purchase will be ether Bujingai, or renewing my RuneScape membership.

I was kinda mad at Matt today, though I guess I can't stay mad for more than a hour at him ^_~ (*bwahahahaha*)

Okay last week since exams were coming up, and I had asked him to come over to "my" (well I guess I am technically homeless, since I don't have a place I consider home) house one or two days, that we would have off this week/next. Well Matt went janting off to his cousins house for the whole weekend (and "weekend" for them, sometimes means for the rest of the time off >_< ). Ah but I guess I can't get mad *sigh* atleast he will have super fun there.

Now I don't know if this is entirerly true, but Wendy told me that Matt said he had a nice girlfriend to Koady and Chris, and they was asked who, and he said he couldn't say, and Wendy said "is it Sarah?" and Matty said he couldn't say. Now even though that may not be true in the least, it still filled me up with warm feelings.

Anyway I can't wait for MOONCHILD to get here! GACKT! HYDE! TOYOKAWA! (okay so I really don't know much about the last one there, but he did play a gay doctor, so that MUST account for something :P )

OH AND MY MP3 PLAYER DECIDED TO BREAK! I was lisning to it the other night, and after one of my fav songs (i.e. this sun also shines at night) I went to turn the volume down, and the sound cut off...I turned the light on (I figured that the low battery had died)...and THE VOLUME BUTTON WAS STUCK IN! I tried prying it out with my thumb, but to no avail, I just hope they will replace it!

Panta rhei-Aqva Silentia

Manipulator-The Cross

Holding Out For A Hero-Frou Frou


Edit--I feel kinda crummy, I wish I could do something to help Chisa feel better. Chisa is a online friend of mine from the Czech Republic. Actually I would consider her one of my all time bestest friends, even though I only know her from MSN, and DeviantART. Latley she has been very happy (which is great!), but now she is extramly depressed as of yesterday...her parents were originally fine with her taking the rest of the school year off to get a job (she has missed a lot of time, because of a condition with her leg). Yesterday they chenged their mind and started yelling at her.

Edit, Edit-- She is feeling better now, her "boyfriend" called her (I'm not actually sure if he is her bf or not, all I know is that he is Dutch by ethnicity...). I have decided that is she lived closer, she would be the kind of person I would hang-out and go drinking with XD (ofcourse when I'm 19?, though over there I could go drinking now XDDDDDD *rofl* )

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