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Crossbows crossbows crossbows!

Ok so this entry will most not likeley have anything to do with the above title XD sad isn't it :(

So I have become ADDICTED to Ape Escape; Pumped and Primed! Yarrr Helga is my fav' I want to cosplay as her! I have all but one of her other costumes too ^_^ I like the sailor one. And "SPIN SHOT" is a nice attack.

That game was really hard the first few times I played it. Then it got REALLY easy, then hard. I think the second Specter battle was easier then the first vs. Jake one. No I'm in "Finals 2" and I can get first in the first match, but the best I have done in the second course race, is 3rd (I hate the PS2 controller, it messes me up when I try and use the dragonfly). Then tanks is a all out warfare. >_< I don;t like playing against Casi! Fast and strong and slick when it comes to hiding. Why are the Pipotron so much stronger then the other monkies?

crummy screenshot



Oh and the team monkey intro thing is great!

I got Deus Ex too, but that game is hard >_< But I get to have a crossbow! *yarr pose*

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