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I have to share XD One is what I did for ALL my online friends for the holidays, and one I just drew on a oekaki board XD

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Yeah they are both HxH fanart XD I only drew Kuroro on a whim, and I think Biské looks christmassy.

I MUST take pictures of my anime gingerbread men! Exspecially Edo-cookie!!! :P

Happy Boxing Day!

I shall post what I got later on, after I have reviewed all the stuff ^^; *chuckle*

Oh and THANK-YOU KOO! For the nice card! I hope to send you one in return, but it is after Christmas, and you might think I'm weird....

Also if Sakub, Telo, or Tashi recieved my cards, please let me know! *is worried they got losted in the mail*

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