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Title: Like lovers?
Author: Lady Nor ^^; lady_noremon
Disclaimer: non-really besides me being a crummy fic-writer
Rating/Warnings: PG to be safe
Character/Pairing: KilluaxGon
Notes: A one-shot I had a idea for in Global History today ^^; I know it sucks right bad....

Killua Zaoldyeck lay in a warm bed. It was autumn, and even though it was mildly warm, the bed still was cover with a sheet and a thin comforter. It was Gon's idea really, that boy seemed to get cold easily. Maybe that was why Killua would wake up and Gon would be treating him like a teddy bear, not that Killua minded however. Killua slept worst when he wasn't being cuddled by Gon. "That toxic smell he has..." he would think to himself, after he caught himself inhaling it in. How could something that smelled so inviting, and soft, be so dangerous? He had realized awhile ago that he had become attracted to the other boy (that now currently had his arms around his waist). Of course Killua knew Gon would never really understand how he felt, in fact he might end up hating him...

Gon untangled himself, and rolled over. Killua felt a tinge of separation, but figured he had better not voice it, it would seem weird for him to seek Gon's warmer body.

Killua was just starting to get used to the slight chill when he felt Gon stir, and sit-up a bit.

"Ne, Killua?...."

"Hm..wha..Gon?" Killua managed to mumble.

"Sorry to wake you up....*sigh* night then."

"Tell me Gon. You woke me up, so spill"

... silence..."Um..Killua...would you me?"

This question really surprised Killua. Why would Gon even need to ask? Actually it hurt a bit at the thought of Gon thinking the Killua might not like him. If Gon really knew how much he was liked...well whatever he had better not keep the wild smelling boy waiting...

"Idiot, of course I like you. *gah* You should know by now."

"Ah....well I know you do...but um I mean like in lovers........" Gon kinda trailed off.

Killua's heart jumped. Had he really heard what he had? He was fully awake now.

"What?" Killua tried his best to sound half asleep.

"Um...never mind...sorry to bother you..."

"Like lovers?"

"Well um yeah, it's okay if you couldn't, but I needed to ask..."

The only response Gon received to this, was Killua rolling over, and pinning him with a kiss.

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