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Ok so since Telo can gloat about her baby, I shall gloat about Minnow Tora for once >^____^<

Charles had rented the Cronicles of Riddick, so I was there watching the "Fight" side (I still haven't watched the "Convert" side). I had my container of Halloween candy just sitting on the floor by where I was sitting. Minn comes up, sticks her paw in and pulls out a "megaball" gumball. I keep watching her and she pulls out anouther (these were of the same brand), and more, till she has all of that one type out of the container. She then carries all the orange ones to one side of the floor and the pink ones to the other o_O

So yeah.....and I made a new user pic, but LJ wasn't letting me upload it at home O_O; but now it is so w00t!

Killua Zaoldyeck is cool!

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