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video game survey

-First things first-

How old are you?

How old were you when you first played a videogame?
O_o; I don't remember.......a played a NES though......

When did you start regularly playing videogames?
5ish I guess, I rember playing SMB on my birthday

What is the first videogame you remember playing?
Duck Hunt NES

What was the first console you owned?

Do you play more on consoles or computers?
computers, due to the RuneScape addiction.....


Comment on/highlight those you have owned;
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Genesis/Mega Drive
Sega CD
Playstation 2 (will in DECEMBER)

Any others?
emulators of a SNES.....

Which of the next-gens are you planning to get?
Nintendo Revolution, and MAYBE a PS3

-Genre studies-

Give a 'top three' for each of the following genres.

First person shooter; Time Splitters2, Golden Eye, Halo2

Third person shooter; Hybred Heaven, ...

Stealth; Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, MGS: Snake Eater

Side-scrolling/top-scrolling shooter; Metal Slug 4, Contra Hardcorps, SD Gundam

Fighting; Beastorizer, Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, SoulCaliber2 (cube)

Scrolling beat-'em-up; Double Dragon2, Jackie Chan GBA, ...

2-D Platformer; Sonic the Hedgehog (All), ...

3-D Platformer; Gex (the one with the movies for N64), ...

RPG; Legend of Zelda!!!!!! (ORACLE OF SEASONS!), RuneScape, Maple Story

MMORPG; RuneScape, Maple Story, Vegabond Quest

Real-time Strategy; ...

Turn-based Strategy; FIRE EMBLEM!!!!!, Pokémon, ...

Action-adventure; LOZ!, Starfox, ...

Point 'n' Click; Shogi

Survival Horror; Eternal Darkness

Flight sim/aerial combat; STARFOX 64!!!!, the one that used to be at the arcade, ...

Space flight/combat; Starfox!!!!, solar striker, this one matt owns...

Driving/racing; Combat cars, podracer game for N64, Rush!!

Puzzle; ...

Party; Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Party (All I guess), DDR

Miscellaneous; Ribbit King

-Developers and Publishers-

Do you have a preferred game developer?
Capcom, Konami, Silicon Knights, Nintendo, SEGA, Jagex, ect.

Do you boycott any particular publisher?

Do you associate particular developers with particular genres, and if so which?
not really

Which developers now out of business or part of another company do you miss most?
I don't know...


Who are your top five videogame 'good guys'?
Erk, Sheik, Bakuryo, Marth, Kilik

Top Five 'Good/Bad Gals'? (courtesy of Ryo Jin)
Alice, Chun-Li, Uriko, Talim, Seung Mina

And the top five baddies?
Pshco Mantis, Rycov, Nightmare, ...

What, to you, makes a good character for games?
I don't know....

RPGs aside, do you feel games benefit from deeper characterization (Thinking especially of FPS and fighting kinds of games here.) or are they merely considerations for after the game itself is made?


Name three games you'd like to see remade (Presume they'd be done well.)
Fire Emblem GBA for the Cube, Four Swords GBA, ...

What would be your ideal cross-party or even cross-platform team-up?

What genre(s) would that team-up be in?

Name three games you believe have been unfairly overlooked by the majority of players or the gaming media.
Bloody Roar, Fire Emblem, Ribbit King

Name three games you think are overhyped by players or the gaming media.
Final Fantasy, ...

How do you feel about the increasing amount of adult content in mainstream games (For example, Grand Theft Auto, and God Of War.)?
^___^ now we need boy love

Have you spent this entire survey resenting the author because you'd rather be playing a videogame?
I had to hurry!

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