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I'M A MOMMY!!!!!!!

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And now some news. I am now a mother. Click the cut to see my darling twins >^___^<

My sugar babies
Aren't they cute?

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Chisa Matilda

title or description
Zelda Josephine

Their Godfather is Trevor, and their Godmother is June.

This is for my Child Studies project/assignment. We have to carry around bags of sugar for a whole week. We picked what we got from a basket/draw, I went first and pulled out twin girls O_o;

So I bought them some clothes, and drew dot-eyes on them.

Chisa is going to wear red I guess, and Zelda pink, for future outfits...

Oh and I'm taking them with me for trick-or-treating!

Zelda= a fox

Chisa = ????

I wrote their names on the bottom of the bags, so I wouldn't get them mixed up....

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