Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

From Philemon On January 30TH, 2018

I still haven't received my Museum Management & Governance grades and/or certificate. Nor received the templates promised in November. Administrator hasn't responded to e-mail, and I haven't had luck calling the office either. Anxiety is bad. It escapes my mind and then when I'm reminded of it it's like chills in my gut. The newest ANSM newsletter just announced the registration date for the next course FFS.

I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't pass. I had a fever over 39°C and had just had surgery for bone infection when I worked on the assignment. I also didn't receive the questions until November 14TH so couldn't work on it much before the surgery. I could have died of sepsis that's how bad the infection was. But I would like to know my grades regardless.

I had been so sick without knowing the cause for so long. My doctor was concerned I had leukemia because of my symptoms & bloodwork. I had tests for my nerves because of my increasing weakness. And was almost in constant pain that was dismissed as just part of a joint defect I have. I was basically very sick at each of the 3 courses I took last year. I didn't really know it during the first one. I just dismissed it as being chilled from the rain, my in-room radiator glitching, the person who sat next to me having a bad bug. It was a few days later that the bone abscessed and weeks later to get diagnosed. I was on antibiotics in total 16 weeks in 2017. I constantly had a low grade fever and was hella exhausted. The antibiotics were strong and made me sick too. I got tired so easily for so long. I still pushed myself to attend the courses, even if I nodded-off some because of the osteomyelitis.

I made the decision to have the effected bone removed in order to keep living. I was terrified of how much would be removed and disfigurement. Luckily it was more contained than expected so it wasn't too much. But I didn't do well with the anesthesia or the high fever. I would drift in-and-out of consciousness. I wasn't in any state to work on a homework assignment, let alone accounting sections. But I did because of how important this career path is to me. I even did volunteer work for a local museum right after I submitted it. Even though I was utterly exhausted.

So, dammit, I can't take the anxiety. I tried my best to uphold my responsibility. But I still haven't even received the templates promised, let alone my grades/certificate.
Tags: canada, health, nova scotia, school

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