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From R-2E-054 On December 1ST, 2017

As some know I am enrolled in a Museum Studies diploma program. They work as: Reading, 2 classroom days, then up to 4 weeks to complete several homework sections. Anyway I had the final 1ST year course on November 2ND-3RD. It went alright! I had a hard time staying awake for parts because of my body fighting osteomyelitis**, but I was happy to learn. Anyway at the end of the 2ND day the instructors gave us the homework assignment questions. ...And most of them pertained to evaluating employees & financial details of your organisation you're senior staff for. Meaning a chunk of us could not answer most of them since we are individual attendees or students just starting a career path. The instructors apologised and said they'd provide alternative questions by that Monday. I was pissed because registration ended in August so they could of looked at their attendee lists to see peoples' organisations or lack of. But it was only going to be a couple days, and it wasn't due until December 1ST, so I got back, relaxed, and figured I'd start work on them as soon as I received them! A week passed and I e-mailed the administrator about the whereabouts of the questions. I didn't receive a response. FINALLY on November 14TH they arrived. But missing templates that some of the sections required. The instructors said they'd e-mail those out in a few days. I worked on it some, but I was having surgery on November 20TH so wanted to get things in order for that since I delayed because of waiting to do my homework. I had the surgery and it went well except I had problems afterwards (post-operative hypothermia, a high fever for a week). I e-mailed the administrator to ask for an extension, hoping to at least get the full time we would have initially received. I included a note from the surgeon, and offered to get a doctor's one too (I had to get different medication a few days after because of the symptoms). On Monday evening she declined it in a dismissive way and implied I was unprofessional to ask. Pretty much that lots of people have professional & personally commitments, and being a veteran of the program I should have known better than to ask. She didn't respond to my reply that we hadn't had 4 weeks because of the question wait, and my re-asking about the missing templates. I was distraught. I knew it would be 3 years until it was offered again, and I would likely have to pay back the $600.00 funding I received. My anxiety plateaued and I decided I damn well was going to try to finish it. That I shouldn't take the fail because of the incompetence from the instructors. I have stayed-up until 4:00AM the past few days working on it. I took things in the car and worked on it in between grocery shopping. I worked so hard and though it's a rushed job I submitted it at 11:57PM! We also have still not received the templates. But I'm the unprofessional one, not those that were paid to teach the course & provide the materials >:-[ I won't know until after Christmas if I passed or not. But it's as done as it was going to be!

**Awhile ago I had surgery to remove tori mandibulares (bone growths in my mouth). After that I seemed to have an increase in what my dentist & I dismissed as TMD pain. It had never been that bad before but would come in spurts then be fine again. The swelling also was bad during these spells and I went to outpatients a few times due to it not responding to my medication. Anyway in April I had incredible pain that radiated throughout my jaw bone. My dentist diagnosed it as a gum abscess because of it's location on X-ray away from my teeth. It didn't improve with the antibiotics so he sent me to see a specialist. The specialist's fancier imaging showed the jaw bone itself was infected. Not any teeth, but the bone at the site of one of the surgeries. However my insurance failed to pay for the consultation and he kinda just ignored my further calls about treatment after we discussed courses of action. My dentist also ignored my questions and stopped returning my calls. I was on antibiotics 6 weeks from April-May and the imaging after was good so we thought we got it. But in August the infection suddenly returned over what seemed like hours. I was on antibiotics again for 4 weeks. My medical doctor suggested IV antibiotics but my insurance was *meh* on covering it since it was for an orthodontic issue. I couldn't take living in fear of the infection returning, and the constant pressure feeling. So I badgered the specialist to see if he could recommend someone else who took financing. He referred me to his friend who is an orthodontic surgeon. I had the consultation on October 25TH and he decided the course of action to take was to have that section removed. His diagnosis was that the surgeon had slightly cracked the bone during the surgery and that's where the infection was dwelling. He deemed it was too intense for him to do, so referred me to an oral surgery place in the provincial capital that specialises in reconstruction. He was really worried about sepsis so wanted me to go privately instead of waiting for a hospital. On November 20TH I had the surgery. They had initially booked me for Hallowe'en but I declined. They removed a fat rectangular section and my back left molar. The surgery went well and I'm just waiting for the site to heal to see about bone graft replacement. The problem is I had post-operative hypothermia which sucked, and then a fever the past week. I'm on more antibiotics and painkillers but have had to skip the latter because of my diploma program assignment. I hate admitting but despite the bruising and how unsightly it looks, it actually feels much better than it had for a long time. There's pain but not the deep bone feeling pain and the pressure.
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