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Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged it's your turn.

Start time: 8:04pm

1. I prefer Dixon pencils

2. I go to see teh back doctor.

3. I hate korocs for no reason

4. I have a crush on Peter Wingfield

5. I sometimes crave Britney Spears music

6. I can only aim good with the Zelda sling-shot

7. I can dance like Gackt in the Vanilla video

8. I have a lot of yaoi on mah comp

9. I once stayed up till 7am

10. I recored the defense thing from TOS

11. I like KouKou

12. I have over 20gb of anime on the computer

13. I sometimes pretend that my toothpaste is a Wolfen

14. I have flat feet

15. I am in grade 12c

16. I think lobsters are cute

17. I can't cook oatmeal

18. I am a almost expert pumpkin carver

19. I think that my favorite electric appliance it the toaster oven

20. I used to go to church camp

End time: 8:11

Okay that's 7 ppl....

I tag;
_kikai, krogoth5, red_panda_ban, shingouki, blueyesraturnon, koujikouichi, _ryo_jin_

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