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My Uncle Ed dropped a kitten off on my mother.

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She's an itty-bitty pissy girl. Was negative for leukaemia and my girls GREATLY DISLIKE her, but Nicki is a sweet boy. I catsat her this afternoon after the vets'.

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UPDATE: The vet' says she is around 3 months old, and about 2lbs. I defleaed her for my mom, and on Saturday she visits me again for deworming. She has a bit of an attitude. I feel bad because my mother's other cat, Lorris, is a very submissive cat. I hope she doesn't torment him :-(

When Mom asked me to lock my girls up so she could come visit, I figured she was bringing Lorris over. He comes for visits occasionally, and I like socialising him & Nick. She had her in her coat and I didn't know what to think. She'd called the vets' to take her over to get tested for leukaemia and such before socialising her with mine or hers (I put on my Hallowe'en sweatshirt from the laundry before handling her). When we got back Nick was very observant of her but didn't investigate. I showed her from the doorway to my girls, and Minnow hissed at her until she got out of breath. And Lydia launched herself off my bed at her spitting & screeching. So I had to protect the baby while grabbing my vicious cat to lock back up. She stayed for a visit a couple hours, and I was reminded of why I dislike caring for kittens. They get into so much and scare me! She weaselled herself under the microwave stand (a heavy wooden low to the ground on wheels thing). I had to take everything off of it and lift it up to save her when she couldn't get back out. She also crawled up into the mechanism of a chair we gave in the kitchen and I had the hardest time getting her out so she wouldn't be squashed (June was sitting in it, it's a spring rocking wingback style). She also ran upstairs and I was so worried she'd try to jump across and fall (I caught Lydia by the scruff once when I first got her, I was shaken all the rest of the day that day). She also scared me jumping off the kitchen table (it seemed like too big of jump down for a tiny brat). And the first toy she grabbed was Lydia's beat-up disgusting Play-n-Squeak bird (Lydia ruined the squeaker in it but carries it around soaking it in drool while mournfully crying. She's disfigured it so it's more a molted lump than a songbird.). I laughed at this little fart for picking it. She also LOVED Minnow's tent & play tube!

She doesn't have a name yet; that's my mother's job. But she is definitely keeping her baring her being awful to Lorris. She reminds me of a caterpillar!

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