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I scribbled over my Master Number and such.

I have been putting my trials with my road tests on a previous entry, but yep; passed yesterday!

I wasn't very nervous taking it, but was prior as the driving instructor puts me right on edge and grates at me. But taking it I was calm. I passed well below the allowed mistake points and the examiner was proud of my perpendicular park, how I handled 3 motorcycles running a red light while I was already turning in the intersection, & that I put my turn signal on+shoulder checked when we came to a car parked in the middle of the road.

I think I was just too fed-up to be hella nervous this time. I had the attitude of "let's just get it over with". I didn't expect to pass but I didn't think I'd do really bad either. I was more confident but not self-confident.

Middleton's Registry of Motor Vehicles no longer has a permanent examiner after the one they had suddenly left the job. So they gave been getting in whoever else is available meaning they have a huge backlog.

The first time I was a mess and the examiner didn't know the Middleton area at all. She showed-up 5 minutes before her first test so everything was delayed while she got papers prepared and such. Then she had to use G.P.S. & got lost during the tests. Only 1/5 of the takers passed. With me she wanted me to drive down to Den Haan's Greenhouse and do the parking in their parking lot...Den Haan's is outside of the town and has been closed & torn down for around 3 years. But you aren't allowed to talk during the test especially not to question the examiner. Not following a direction/order is 20 points, so I drove down to the deserted & overgrown blocked-off lot. So she got me to turn into a driveway across the road and use it to turn. BUT instead of letting me do it, she took control of the wheel and it just shot all of my confidence. Still I had 38/45 allowed mistake points by the end of it, yet I misjudged where to stop at the lights (the stop line or the crosswalk line less than a foot apart). Since I moved ahead at a red light it was a dangerous maneuver and an automatic fail :[

The second examiner was so nice but I had a lot of stress and made too many little mistakes. I ended-up with 49/45. I felt like failing with him meant it was utterly hopeless that I would ever pass. I lost 20 points because he gave the order to make the next right turn but I mistook the unpaved grass covered road he meant as a driveway and went to the next right hand road. I was so stressed and also in pain from my TMD and unable to take a painkiller because of needing to be alert for driving. I also was awaiting the outcome of news to be received that night whether it would be alright or really bad (it was really bad. But I'm not getting-into it because I already worry about why people socialise with me and don't want to add that stigmatisation to it). I broke-down crying on the way back which made me angry at myself for doing it in front of the driving school instructor.

But yeah, the 3RD time I had practiced more outside of paying for lessons and even drove to/around Greenwood which is a lot busier with traffic than I am used to. I wore another nautical shirt which makes me feel confident & cared about as 'Captain' is my nickname from Mattsles, black cat socks (my brats are why I keep going), and the bracelet Jeremy made me. And I played more P3P while I waited, I'm back in Tartarus right now in it and almost all of the enemies are terrified of me so it makes me feel strong (I was chasing them down while waiting all "*Mwahaha!* Fear me you bastards!" mindset). I'll take a picture of my full marking sheet but I didn't get mistake marked for much, and what I did was higher valued. Like I went 10km below the speed limit past a highway exit because cars whip out of there a lot and the day before one blared-out in front of me so I was being cautious. I got dinged for inconsistent speed for that. I also had a too wide of turn. But nothing for parking/signaling/intersections! The examiner was nice too, and repeated his instructions after giving them like "Take the next left. Turning left.". He was writing a lot after I parked and it made me nervous because the last 2 times writing was for mistakes I'd made. But it turns-out he was just filling-out the paperwork for my Class 5N license! When I looked over and saw the "32/45" with all the pass boxes ticked I felt so relieved.

It felt hella surreal when I was paying for my new graduated license like it felt like that couldn't possibly be what was actually happening. I held the still warm freshly printed license in my hands and so much weight was off of me.

This will make employment ability much more reachable and a better living situation for me & my babies feel possible. Everything has felt so pointless. I still owe the driving school money from my last extra lesson and they're ransoming my defensive driving certificate until they get paid. So I can't get insurance sorted until I have that certificate. But I feel so accomplished!

When I got back all 3 of my gorgeous cats were laying on the chesterfield and it made me so happy to see them first thing.

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