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Man I have a scik mind.

The Princess couldn’t help but feel a little upset over Link’s coldness toward her. As most women in Hyrule did, she quite fancied her Hero of Time.
What they couldn’t see was most men who wear tights and are dubbed ‘fairy boy’ rarely end up having 10 children. ____________from Zutto Tsukamaete

I have discovered that I have the mind of a fangirl. *smacks herself* Even though I really only prefer one coupling SheikxLink. Last night I was reading xxxHOLIC vol.2, and I was got to where Yûko talks about the following and I was expecting....damn mind;
Yûko: "I'd say you and Dômeki have a deep connection."
Watanuki: *BONNG* *NOOO!!* Why do I have to be connnected to him? *A connection with Himawari-Chan is the only one I want!*"
Yûko: "I said connection. It doesn't have to meen love. But... ...You remember what she said to you. "There's a friend of yours who you are always getting into fights with. You'll find yourselves thown together more and more in the future.""
Even though I'm cheering for Watanuki's and Kimihiro's relationship, I was waiting for a DômekixWatanuki shonen-ai yaoi. Damn my fangirl brian (argg stupid bad spelling I meen brain. Yes I have the cute member of Queen jammed in my skull :sarcasm:). I cursed at myself. In other news, yesterday I went to Annapolis to see the Natal Day stuff. I missed most of the parade, and seeing the Arts Place. But I went into the Lucky Rabbit Potery place, and saw a tile, with a picture of 1950's Astroboy and the doctor (Dr.O'Shay? I can't spell it.) on it. If I had had a spare $10 Canuke dollarz on me I would have bought it.

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