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From Samsung Galaxy S5 On May 21ST, 2015

Got to write my written driving test finally and passed it the 2ND time (I messed-up the hand signals 1ST time which really bothered me as I use them for bicycling. I was so upset over my notes disappearing and my studying went out of my head.**). I've passed it 6 times before, but not since 2010 and lots of things had changed slightly so I worried I'd fuck-up. The Nova Scotia Beginner's test is a vision test, a 20 question test on signs, and a 20 question test on regulations. They allow 2 wrong on each part of the 40 questions. I had 4 wrong the 1ST 2015 writing--I got the hand signals mixed-up, speed in s crawling lane which I'd never heard of, and selected the wrong answer on a passing question because I erased my original answer and put the letter that had "signal" in the answer. If I hadn't fucked-up the right & stop hand signals I would have passed then. Anyway this time I just had hand position on backing-up wrong (it's 12 o'clock not 10 o'clock). I got pissed at the one grading though because she hasn't been showing-up to when the listed write dates were. It was supposed to be temporarily every other week, but she only went 1 week in April, and 2 in May. And the office doesn't know until the start time so I went 3 times and waited until learning the instructor hadn't arrived. They said she was between 3 jobs but fuuuuuuuuuuck. It takes a 30 minute drive to get there, and I'd studied so hard before. She also made me take the vision test without my eyeglasses on, despite it being in my file and on my expired licence that I need "corrective lenses". She kept pointing-out how I was getting the letters wrong condescendingly in front of the other test takers (most of which were 10 years younger than me). Yesterday she suggested the kids go to Kentville's Registry of Motor Vehicles instead if they could get a way there (Kentville is 1 1/2 hours away) and said she could only guarantee she'd be in Middleton on June 20TH. I didn't even study this time because I was so disgusted the other times.

Anyway there's my licence with my awful picture & bad haircut.


My usual hairdresser is away on leave from surgery and the one I’ve had before decided to go for lunch [after telling her boss she was just going to get a drink. She got back while I was still waiting and gave me a dirty look (probably knowing she’d be in crap) as she carried her Subway meal to the back area.]. So the new student hire they have cut my hair. And though I told her how short I wanted the front she kept going, cut a big chunk off, and panicking had to get the owner to try to even it off so it would grow back better. My next haircut there is free (Nadine was very apologetic and witnessed me telling her to leave the front long, and was glad I remained calm & understanding. She was very unhappy with my scheduled hairdresser.), and she did a good job on the back, but I really hate the front. Nadine gave me a choice of cutting more off or doing a flip-over. I chose more symmetry. The front won’t stay down though, and I tend to feel like a rooster. Or as my friend Marts & I decided maybe Tintin. Or possibly that guy from "Doug". I’ll go with Tintin.


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I left my notes from Discover Driving in the car and either the heat or moisture caused part of the ink on each page to disappear. It took me hours sitting in a Tim Horton's parking lot going over tge impressions my pen left in order to rewrite them. I had to do it in sunlight to see them. I use FriXion pens.


I've been playing "Bioshock" on PS3 finally too.
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