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RE: #EBZ Records Calendar

Originally posted at { }.

[As I've already received contact accusing me of being deluded and intentionally typing-out people's e-mails to grant access to an old calendar despite people not wanting contact from me; I thought I'd post here. I just mass changed the access for everyone on it. I didn't expect anyone to be notified. Anyone who was on it was already listed as having access, I didn't type anyone's e-mail fresh. Hell, I didn't even really look at who had access and just did it quick. Please do not send me aggressive contact about it. Please do not try to have my over 10 year Google account or any others deleted.

I apologise if I upset anyone on it, it was just me making protective changes and I didn't expect anyone to be notified. And now I'm panicking who else was. It was not meant as harassment. I set it to "able to view not edit" for everyone attached to it, as I didn't want sudden notifications from it, that is all. I actually didn't know I was the owner of it and thought I was just subscribed until I was setting-up a holiday calendar on my Samsung Galaxy S5 last night.]


[What I saw with scribbles over the e-mail addresses.]
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