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Long ramble on MGS3 Snake Eater, more oral surgery [warning for description of bone sawing], and food/balloons.

CORRECTION: The Fear's fight takes place during the day, right at dawn. I haven't played this game since 2006, but I have no idea why I remembered it being pitch black D:

Also; { } more on the interesting ending requirements. The Leave examining the photograph/letter thing was on the Silent Hill Wikia.


The day of the original surgery for removal of my tori mandibular, one of the first things I felt was that the back part of the right one was still there, only hella sharp where it had been cut. I brought it up when the surgeon saw me in recovery (due to him prescribing acetaminophen which is something we had previously discussed does not agree with me, so I got Toradol instead). I told him he left a piece, he responded “No I didn’t.” (I had fresh stitches, and was still frozen).



After, After

While waiting 2 weeks for my recheck, as my gum healed & went back into place, that piece really irritated my gum, even worse than the sharp piece that lead to me having the surgery to begin with. And as it was at, it was where my tongue rested & brushed against. At the appointment his assistant asked if I had any problems, I told her about the sharp piece, and she noticed it just by looking as the gum was white where it was trying to poke through (and it was about the size of a grain of barley). He came in and had to vigorously rub the piece through my gum to ‘confirm’ it existed (I reminded him I told him when in the recovery room, but he brushed it off as thinking I mistook swelling for bone). He asked if I wanted to leave it or what I wanted to do. I said I wanted it dealt with, so he offered to remove it that day, in his office. I was so fucking scared, but I agreed as I wanted it dealt with before it got infected or such (and because it hurt). I asked how many stitches & how long it would take to heal, and was told 2-3 & around a week. So instead of sedation like with my wisdom teeth, he gave me 3 needles of freezing (I HATE the feeling of the liquid squirting in, and how much I bruise), a too small foam rest for my left side (It slipped-out during; and as my jaw doesn’t connect on the left side properly, it was a struggle), and did it while I tried to be as brave & still as I could. He scalpelled an incision in front of the area, then took a tool like a scalpel only with a serrated blade. The sawing of the bone really gave me the willies D: Then after he had sawed around it, he took a teaspoon sized chisel & mallet to chip off the piece. Then once smooth, he started the stitches. 5 stitches, which I originally miscounted as 6 due to the back’s knot. He was very rough, and how he rested his palm pinched my inside lip against my front teeth. Now I’m back to being weeks from tempura udon again, and Toffifee :[

I asked about a prescription, but he said just to use lts of salt water rinses. I at first tried taking ibuprofen, but it didn’t help with the stitch pain. got Tylenol #1s, but they are giving me awful heartburn. I called his office early yesterday morning to ask for 3-4 days of something stronger that wasn’t acetaminophen. Was told I’d be called back after his next patient, but after waiting hours I called my dentist-dentist and they booked me an appointment for first thing this morning. The surgeon called back a little bit before 6:00PM :[

My dentist gave me a bottle of 600mg Moltrin! Swelling is so much down after a day of it. My dentist is lovely~ [He looked in my mouth, said “that looks quite sore & swollen”, had a think over what to prescribe, and didn’t even charge me for the visit!]
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