Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

February 2ND, 2015 From Nintendo 3DS

Up in Kentville [the drive in the storm was terrifying], on an air matress at Mattsles for the night. I stayed-up until I wasn't allowed water, so I'd be super tired. I feel bad because he slacked-off because me & my mom are here.

I'm very scared. I wouldn't be so scared if it wasn't in my mouth around my teeth, but dental stuff scares me. I still do it though. I wish I felt like someone was proud of my bravery. Hell, no-one is even proud I've been watching the Persona 4 anime. Because of people I connect to it, I used to get intestinal cramps with too much exposure/thought on P4. Especially since I like Naoto.

Anyway; I'm off to sleeps. We played "Thomas Was Alone", watch some shows (didn't watch the DVD from Marts), and I ate very mediocre food from TAN Coffee downstairs. Staying here helped my nerves, but I still feel I imposed on him :/ But, yes, sleeps. I even brought Sweetpea Oddball & Peepers with me.

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