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Anyway housesiting with Satacey is going alright, Sleeping in Matt's bed, wearing his nice warm hoody XD Man it is cold here :( (hot at night, cold in the morning)

That wank made me a "guest" account. Meaning I have to go-round-about to play RuneScape -__-;

I got to chat with Chisa for the first time in like a few months (maybe 7). Oh she is sooo coolies.

Anyway recapping yesterday's events.

Got up at 6:45am.....;-; way too early

Paul picked me up and drove us to the bus stop acrossed from Mama Sofia's (a pizza/conveniance store).

Stacey didn't bring any change, so she had to call her mom's boyfriend to get some. (I know it kinda sounds dirty "get some" ^^; pokes her pervy logic)

ANyway we got on the bus, the driver was a real prick.

So we tranfer at Greenwood, and Kentville. Finally we get to New Minas.

So we got to WalMart's MacDonalds, they don't serve lunch till 11:00am, so I decide "Hey i should try the McGriddle!" It was disgusting. Like butter soaked pankcakes and maple sasauge. I should have ordered a lovely Egg McMuffin...

So I cruise around the electronics department. I ask to look at Fire Emblem, and the Sacred Stones. Ofcourse i didn't buy it, just looked at it and drooled. Fire Emblem and LOZ are my fav game titles. So I decide to look at the movies, and I see 'Kung-Fu Hussle', which reminds me, that I wanted to try and buy 'Shaolin Soccer' (great movie, a must see)! So I ask the help lady if they have it, and she goes "Well what movies we got are on these shelves, so look for it there." Crappy WalMart help. Atleast Zellers staff will help you.

I still look on the shelves and never find it.

Stacey then pages me to the front. So I go, and we go back to McDonalds, so she can get her lunch. I buy a Fruitopia.

After that we go to....EB GAMES! >^________^< Wonderful preplayed games, from Around $5.00. I look around for abit, and then I see it! Ribbit King! Now I have been wanting this game for awhile...I had jus forgot about it. So I decide to buy it for $14.99. Then i see Highlander III in the movie part, for $6.99. Needless to sat=y I buy both of them. I was now broke, save almost 50cents, and bus fare.

We go looking around the rest of the shops (because we are mostly broke now, and soooo bored). We spot a PetsUnlimited. So we just have to go in. It really sucks because i have no money, to buy something for my little baby Minnow.

Stacey decides to buy her fish now, and take the early bus home, instead of the 4:20pm bus. I can't wait to get back to Bridgetown so I agree.

She decides to buy some cheep feeders. 42cents each. So we pick them out 9the lady was really nice, and let us pick out certain ones).

I ask to pick out 2. I choose this big silver colored one (well not that big), and a little blackish-red one with a silver shimmer to it. Guess what I decided to name my two fishies?

Alphonse (for the silver one), and Edward (for the little one).

Yeah I know I'm weird.

Stacey becomes intriged by the siamese-fighting-fish A.k.a. betas. They lady shows us a whole bunch, including this really pretty whitish-pink, and blue one. Stacey finally decides on a dark blue, and red one, with black on his tips. She decides to call it Lloyd. I call him Lloyd Irving. Even though she said it was after the guy on Dumb-and-Dumber. I say same difference (they are both dense).

So she pays for them, and then we go to see for sure when the bus leaves.

It leaves soon, so we go and wait. We get on it, and yeah we are on our way home.

June picks us up and takes us to my house while we wait for Chuckles.

We order our pizza and I go off to play Ribbit King. That game is easy ;-; but it does have good graphics, and cutsceans. I like Frolf!

The pizza was ok, I actually liked it. Stacey didn't. Their garlic sauce was crappy though.

Charles comes, and we go to Dalhousie. I fiddle on t3h comp for awhile. Then I try and watch Highlander III. Dumb DVD player. So I swich DVD players. Then I relize it's almost 10:00pm, and Nook's store closes soon. So I go off and play Animal Crossing.

I go eat cereal, and then come in Matt's room, to check my mail and stuff. Chisa is back! >^___^< So I talk to her, and read some fanfics. I decide to play RuneScape later on. But I am getting sleepy, so I go to bed.

I blacked out and didn't wake up till the morning. Poo ;-;

Now i am on t3h comp again, I've played RS, and am thinking about what i want to eat.

BTW I like Nim's kittens. C.J. is soooo cute! I also like one of Zoey's kittens, just because he is the same color as mah fursona.

Anyway byes for now. I plan on maybe posting about 'Kung-Fu Hussle', and 'Constantine', maybe someday -___-

I ate some NesQuick cereal.

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