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First off,

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title or description

I drank my last 2 cans ;-; and I can't seem to get in contact with Perrier...

For those who don't know, Aranciata is a "sparkling orange beverage" from Sanpellegrino (located in Milan, Italy). Oh it is soooo good. It is slightly bitter, but it stops me from being thirsty.

I don't think I can go to FleetCon now, as my uncle has to have surgery the day before. Poo. ;-;

I talked to Trevor via MSN last Friday!

I am no longer mad at Matt in the least bit. I just plain miss him now ;-;

I'm going to stay with Stacey over the whole weekend! Yeah I know.....but hey i get to go swimming! >^____^< (Actually I don't mind Stacey that much anymore :) )

I wonder if I'll see Paul during this adventure? Paul is Matt's dad. I don't think he likes me all that well....yet I still try and give him a chance.

In crummy news, my doctor thinks I have low self-esteem, and am depressed *gah* I know I have low self-esteem, but I don't think I am depressed. (ah oh well, I shall see what happens)

I have to make a journal entry to display all the lovely prizes I won at the exibition.

Here a preview:

title or description

Hiroru (brown> and Hirumu (black) My pair of cows I won. (note: Hiromu Arakawa is the creator of FMA [FullMetal Alchemist] and she portrays herself as a cow)

Now I must head off for home.

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