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Bicycle tune-up today & new helmet

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Sexy beast

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New helmet too


I went to the bike shop section of Shaun's Sport Excellence in Wilmont because the other nearby bicycle place is in Wolfville. We crammed my bike into the trunk of my mom's Sonata. I was all set to drop my whole GST return there [$130] on new tires, a new helmet, a tune=up, and a new little air pump. The guy wanted to sell me plain black tires he had in stock though, when I wanted white-walled ones like I have on; as they 'make' the look of my bicycle. He tried to dissuade me by going on about how expensive it would be to order them in (freight shipping), etc., but given that the tires he wanted to sell were $20-ish each, $45 per tire was what I expected going in anyway. He flipped through one catalogue and decided that the tires in the size were discontinued. I asked him if he knew anywhere to call or to look online, but he couldn't be bothered. The way he talked to me was like I was stupid and being too picky for not just buying what he had in stock (he kept tapping loudly on the counter, like it would make me feel rushed & give-in). He did put conditioner on my tires though, which took-off what I thought was weather damage. And he tightened-up my stack chain, cleaned & oiled everything, and managed to have something to stick the decal back down (it was peeling-off and nothing I tried would adhere to it & the bike frame). He only charged me $25 for the tune-up as my bicycle lacks shifters and what-not (which was more than the 1/2 price we had agreed on, but I wanted to be done with it for the day). My tread isn't too bad, so I'll hold-off on replacing the tires for now, but I might have to get new tubes. I bought a new helmet too (needed as my old one had cracked foam from age & an accident), but I got it from Canadian Tire as I didn't want to give any more business today, and the helmet I found matched my bicycle. I also bought a new small air pump too, as the cheap one I bought last year's rubber fucking melted.

I rode it around the yard for a bit, but I'm not sure if it's just because I'm not used to riding, or if the seat needs to be adjusted, as it didn't feel quite right. I want to ride into town to test it further, but I have a cough/fever thing goign on right now, and with my asthma/low lung capacity I don't want to aggravate anything until the cough/fever is over with. It's a relief to have it all ready though as I have been taking that Defensive Driving course, and though my mom has been off work the last 2 classes, she might not be for the remainder. And it's an annoying distance to walk to. My sexy beast is my main transportation if I cannot get a ride into town.
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