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[icon] On my removal, just copied from Plurk - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Current Location:R-2E-054 in Summer/Nova Scotia, Canada
Subject:On my removal, just copied from Plurk
Time:11:29 am
Current Mood:exhausted*blargh*
{ http://www.plurk.com/p/k73g7n }

•Tuesday I finally had that toonie sized cyst on my back removed. I have had it several years and it was so irritating especially wearing a bra (bra back strap rubbed against it).
•So after waiting months I went to the hospital at 6:30AM and Dr. Yafai cut it out.
•I was stupidly excited. Almost skipping in because that fucker would be gone.
•It took about an hour, because it was much longer than we suspected. Right into my shoulder blade like a parsnip.
•He drained so much blood because I have trouble with getting bleeding to stop (maybe will get a diagnosis in awhile). 2 of those metal collection cups.
•And he spilled some on my clothes and kept repeating that I should soak them in cold water not hot to prevent stains. It was like a chant.
•It had gone down deep when he first examined it so he thought maybe it had shrunk, but when he put the freezing needle in it irritated and he was surprised how big it had gotten.
•The needle hurt, but the rest just felt like warm water an pressure. I have good pain tolerance to this kind of pain so I just laid still.
•I got 6 stitches, which I go the 17TH to have out. He wants me to not bandage it except for bathing but he had to put one on then due to the bleeding.
•He let me look at it floating in the bottle (it is going to be tested for cancer and such) and I had such joy of "you`re out now, you bastard" looking at it.
•It was the big piece from the top with the skin, and then the longer bit trailing down.
•He was concerned I would be upset by it leaving a scar. I told him it was alright. I thought how I dont care about scars and it isnt like I will be in a romantic relationship again so no-one else will care either.
•It hasnt hurt too bad. The stiches got caught in my nightdress the first day and irritated. And more irritated because I got the bandage I went to put on stuck to them.
•It is awkward because it is under my shoulder blade and I can reach as well as I would like.
•I felt it pull when I went to pick my Minnow cat up though, so I will avoid lifting her now.
•I touched it to check that it wasnt bleeding after and the skin is loose feeling around where it is stretched over the hole. So it must be deep.
•I also love that it gives a good reason to no wear a bra for awhile~
•As of today & yesterday [07-13-2014] it is itchy, but it doesn't look red so much be healing.
•The hole under is still deep feeling, and I'm still bleeding a bit

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Time:2014-07-14 02:57 pm (UTC)
Yikes! Glad to hear it's gone, though!
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Time:2014-07-14 04:38 pm (UTC)
Yep, yep! And it won't irritate another summer. Now to see the results.
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Time:2014-08-02 11:19 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you were finally able to have the procedure done. I hope the bleeding didn't last too long, and that having the stitches out wasn't too painful. (Stitch removal was always my least favourite part.)
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[icon] On my removal, just copied from Plurk - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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