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No Subject From Motorola RAZR V3c On June 24TH, 2014

I have deactivated my Twitter. I won`t do here because of how wonky LiveJournal is right now.

Deactivating makes me feel safe.

It isn`t to hide my words or any of that, even though that`s what it may be said to be for. This is me giving-in before I give-up. To feel safe is why I disabled comments too. As I was scared of malicious things, and as it`s my account I could protect & feel safe by disabling comments. I didn`t do it to hide past discussions, I didn`t delete anything. I won`t delete anything. Everything is still there, just hidden & safe.

And so I`ll probably not be around much for the next while. I plan to return when my Nintendo 3DS does, I go for my day surgery (toonie sized cyst removed), or I go to visit a friend IRL.

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Reactivated. The willingly not existing adds too much to my 'it doesn't matter if I exist' state too much, despite how damn safe it feels.
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