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From R-2E-054 On June 6TH, 2014

Pointform as I'm hella tired but haven't been updating-updating and since this place is 10 years-old now I probably should. The bright yellow makes me feel better so there is that too.

→I sent my Nintendo 3DS away because the part the replaced in the last repair was sharp on the left side like it had leaked from the mould and not sanded down. I have a Circle Pad Pro and where the side is sharp I cannot hook it onto my system. I was told sanding it myself would void my warranty. But now they are saying they need to replace the system, but are refusing to send it to Washington again where they have the same style systems in stock. So I'm stressed, and had to call twice to confirm that I DONOTWANT a standard coloured replacement. If it comes to worst I'll have to buy the same 25TH anniversary edition off eBay. But I'll also buy a Midnight Purple 3DS to use for everyday since if I drop the cash for a new limited edition I won't be using it no matter how proud I am of it.

→I got a haircut. And new sneakers.

→Online stress stuff going on but it doesn't matter if I get into it.

→My laptop bag finally arrived. And then spent the next 2 weeks out on the clothesline because it reeked of plastic so bad that I couldn't handle it. I've since washed it again and it seems to be tolerable now. I used it when I went up the line Wednesday.

Adoptive mother didn't want me to know in the case I became upset but I've learned my ex' is rumoured to be getting married. The rumour is from his family so is probably true. The family figured I'd be jealous which really pissed me off. The thing is I really don't care. Like I hope the person doesn't get treated like I did, but that is their own problem if so. I'm a bit :[ at the probability of him doing dates since he'd belittle me when I tried. But really it's more that I'm free. I'm not going to do what he did when I was with Allan (send a message about how messed-up it was I'd found someone and how he still considered me a dear friend and wanted to try to work on things). Things were worse than I ever mentioned here (I've mentioned the e-mails & telephone calls, but not much else), or outside of my PTSD counselling at the mental health clinic then. I was a bit in denial, and didn't want to admit I had become as weak as I had. And now I can say I was being blackmailed too. My prepaid MasterCard wouldn't work to buy an aeroplane ticket back to Nova Scotia, so I had to give his mother the money to buy one with their regular credit card. And if I said anything about some stuff the money might just disappear. And then when I did get back I got extorted to have the rest of my stuff sent back. When I left I gave $500 (plus my mini-refrigerator & any furniture I'd bought) and had packed my stuff into 10 boxes to ship. And I just got the last most irreplaceable item last autumn actually so it was drug-out 6 damn years. They'd decided to repack the boxes (I'd made an inventory list of what was in each numbered box so I knew), use some of the stuff (I had to throw-out a pot set because someone had cooked spaghetti in them, then repacked the dirty pans. And my pillowcases had pillows in them when shipped back that weren't mine), keep some stuff, and in the case of the textbooks-I didn't ship myself-sell them back to the university (I had put my name in them and the GPRC bookstore knew me so called when it wasn't me who resold them). They'd keep asking for more money and since I wanted my art portfolio back with almost all the work I did over the 8 months we'd send more. I've kept all the receipts & bank statements in the case that it's brought-up later. But once I got my art portfolio back (the last item) it finally felt like everything was over. I was so wanting for friendship years ago that I accepted that he wasn't a very good friend and I felt like only used boyfriend/girlfriend to use me. It's pretty bad that I've broken down crying because a friend-friend took me to see a movie & had a picnic with me. And I still get all "why are you being so nice?!" with things even like just watching "Sharknado" with someone over online like I did last weekend (things he'd probably say I was doing to gain more weight, or trying to sleep with said friends). But yeah, not jealous or upset. But pissed because some people would think I'd be. Then again they probably don't know about things.

→That said I don't care, being reminded of that time reminds me of others things and it's really not helping just how low I've been feeling. But as I said recently; I won't get into that either.

→I had one specialist appointment finally. Ever since I fell on the stairs and hit my ribs/kidney I've had to go to the washroom more frequently & my urine tests have shown blood without infection. Given my small/as developed as a pre-teen kidneys, and the swelling after the fall it was best to get it looked at. I had x-rays & an ultrasound. The x-rays showed what I suspected that I'd cracked my ribs back then instead of just bruising. 3 ribs actually. The ultrasound didn't show anything bad-bad, but the quality wasn't good so we'll see how the frequency reducing pills help & next tests go before seeing about doing another one. Doctor doesn't suspect anything hella bad, in any case.

→I am awaiting an appointment in Halifax about the other test with whatever is going on with the other things I mentioned before (that I also won't get into), so yeah. It probably won't be for a few more months, but some things are stabilised, some things aren't, and that's that for now.

→I bought a PS3 my PSN is "Lady_Noremon".

→I booked 50 skunks & 15 flamingoes [plastic blow mould lawn ornaments] for my biological mother's 65TH birthday. The Balloon Boutique will come around 11:30PM the night before and set them up on the field by her house and then come pick them up the next evening. I also ordered her a set of earrings, but I doubt they will arrive in time now.

→I got some birthday money early so I bought the PC version of "The Wolf Among Us" to get the physical copy later on, an Action Replay so I can bypass the secure server thing on Last Spectre to get the Weekly Puzzles from the fan server, the brown version of this eyeball ring, a Clear keychain, and a case for my Skylanders [I still want Lightcore Giants Prism Break, Giants Drill Sergent, & the Pirate Seas adventure set].

→My birthday is in 15 days now. I will be 26 year-old o_o

→I've been doing a lot of yardwork. Mostly catching-up on "Welcome to Night Vale" [I'm on "A Story About Them"] while cleaning my garden out, adding dirt, desodding, & planting things (mostly what I started in the house).
My garden. on Twitpic Dollarama flamingo too on Twitpic Welcome. on Twitpic

→I put my new flute playing lobster out down by Armand. I was being silly so I told it he might let it play with him, if he wasn't too pissy.
A flute playing lobster. on Twitpic Armand. on Twitpic

→We've had a lot more robins around here this year than last. Last year I'd see them around when I was out in town or something, but not around our yards.

→I'm at 93.3% Completion in "L.A. Noire" right now. I just have to replay 2 cases to get 5 Stars in them (3 cases since I'm missing a gun & there is a case which has the possible candidates of what one I'm missing), and to collect the damn remaining gold film reels. I've only collected 2 of them. It will probably be my first Platinum Trophy~ I have few Endings & some Trophies in "Heavy Rain", but I can't read the conversation text well on my bedroom television, and I am not in the mood to play it in the kitchen lately. I enjoyed playing Jack more than Cole, but I still ♥ Bekowsky as a partner (and Biggs).

→I had planned on by now having already taken my WHMIS & the resumé/interview courses, but the case-worker I have now is hard to get in contact with, lost one month of my paperwork, and signed me up for the wrong course last time I did manage to contact. It was supposed to give me more stability but it's just making me mostly more stressed. I have gotten my Food Safety & Handling course, & my St. John Ambulance Level A CPR & First Aid now though.
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