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"Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" #Bloodlines2014

Originally posted on June 3RD, 2014 at 08:26PM

I've decided to try to organise my Tumblr #Bloodlines2014 posts to here divided into the chapters.


Start-up & Stat Sheet
01-09-2014 "Jyhad For Beginners"
Stealth Kill with a tire iron…

Chapter #1: “The Lady By The Sea”:
So big!
Mercurio’s shinyass vase. Fuck, isn’t it gorgeous?
'If you are reading this, you are NOT dead.'
Putting the loose cupboard door in a safe place.
01-10-2014 "Wherefore Art Thou, Mercurio?" & "The Pain of Being Mercurio"
Trip, not Trip.
Garbage bag.
So ladder, we meet again.
Shinyass doughnuts.
First meeting with Jeanette Voerman.
Stole a neighbour’s loose cupboard door to add to my collection.
Vandal’s lines from the “Thin-Bloods” side-quest
With 3 Perception & 4(? I can’t remember) Persuasion you can see through Knox’s story
Garbage bags.
This vehicle is glaring at me.
And another neighbour’s loose cupboard door is in a safe place.
Yes, the fire pit on the beach will catch your character on fire if you get too close--or jump on it.
The 'Foxy Boxes' Kuel-Jin’s spying notes.
Some of Rosa’s prophecies. Including what she’ll answer if you pay her.
These are the glitches I had playing “Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines” back in 2007/2008.
01-12-2014 "Surf’s Up" & "Bloody Mess"
The 1ST conversation with Therese Voerman.
01-16-2014 "The Hunted Hunter"
Started doing Ocean House, jumped at the first light bulb and was all 'nope, not right now'.
01-18-2014 "A Bounty for the Hunter", "Jumpin’ The Bail", & "Thinned Blood"
Auspex on the murderous Ocean House ghost.
01-25-2014 Ocean House Part#: 1/3 "The Ghost Haunts at Midnight" & "Spiritual Release"
01-25-2014 Ocean House Part#: 2/3 "The Ghost Haunts at Midnight" & "Spiritual Release"
01-25-2014 Ocean House Part#: 3/3 "The Ghost Haunts at Midnight" & "Spiritual Release"
The Player Character dancing is so awful.
01-25-2014 "Sibling Rivalry"
The ??? guy at the Diner.
The route I take into the Sabbat warehouse. The tricky balancing on the narrow beams one.
Telling Bertram you saw through his & Knox’s bullshit.
This guy is very suspicious.
01-25-2014 "Slashterpiece", "Bad Blood", & "Sibling Rivalry"
01-25-2014 "Explosive Beginning"

Chapter #2: “Heart of the Jyhad”:
01-26-2014 "Traffik"
01-26-2014 "The Regent’s Riddle" & "Attention Whore"
01-27-2014 "A Confession"
01-27-2014 "Elizabethan Rendezvous"
01-28-2014 "Fun With Pestilence" & "A Plague for the Angels"
The friend I visited on Friday took the character creation quiz and got Gangrel.
The Player Character’s expression while a zombie tries to eat his undead brain.
Welp; if you attack Pisha she summons zombies & sets the exit on fire.
Caught 2 of the same different coloured than the default Male Toreador model NPCs using payphones at the same time.
I never noticed before that NPCs in Downtown will do a spray-painting action sometimes when they pass graffiti.
The Plague Bearer’s Sewer
02-10-2014 "More Fun With Pestilence"
The Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle are set-up in an area called a “crackhouse”.
And here is the 3RD part of the Plague Bearer side-quests.
02-10-2014 "More Fun With Pestilence" & "A Plague for the Angels"
I love how after the crying experiment turns around & tries to kill you, what the quest log updates to.
Dr. Grout’s Mansion
Dr. Grout’s wife.
02-11-2014 "Calling Dr. Grout"
02-11-2014 "Patron of the Ancient Arts"
And LaCroix tried to give me the Skyline Haven.
A parody news story on violent video games.
If people want, I’ll replay/stream parts. I won’t stream new things
02-19-2014 "Patron of the Ancient Arts"

Chapter #3: “Land Of The Fallen Stars”:
How I dealt with Samantha.
A white falcon beauty, my mark on your skin.
So yeah in this time I went to Hollywood, met Isaac’s goon, met Mr. Abrams, and went and did part of an errand for him as a tribute for entering his domain.
02-19-2014 "Dead Ex"
More screenshots I forgot to upload back when I uploaded the others
Some from the Luck E. Star Motel.
02-20-2014 "Carnival of Death" & "Mudd Hunt"
I call this 'Intercourse'.
I forgot to post the screenshots I took of the 1ST half of the snuff film.
These are from various times between February 19TH-24TH, 2014.
I did the rest of "A Dish Best Served Cold", but no matter what dialogue options i chose, no cash showed-up in my Haven’s mailbox.
Light Leather Armour for the Male Toreador
Yes, wearing a jacket & a necklace counts as wearing armour.
Does anyone read my Bloodlines stuff? Or is it more just for me like my VLR post?
03-30-2014 "Hunters Hunting"
Ash Rivers giving me a creepy stare.
More screenshots from Hunters Hunting, and some from before then that I’ve not had room in a post for.
The Sin Bin’s porn movie titles
E-mails from Velvet Velour.
I was amused that the lap dance NPC that randomed was the one that’s just a different colouration of the Toreador Male Player Character.
Supernatural beings.
Like a buddy cop movie.
Seventeen little neon green steps.
View from out my Haven’s window.
More of VV & Vesuvius from 03-30-2014
03-30-2014 "Hot Stripper Assassin Action!"
From 03-30-2014: More progress on Snuff Is Enough.
Does anyone read my Bloodlines stuff? Or is it more just for me like my VLR post?
03-30-2014 "B-Rated Writer" 1/2
03-30-2014 "B-Rated Writer" 2/2
3 Screenshots that didn’t make it to my last post.
Quests on the news.
04-24-2014 "Gargoyle Removal Service" 1
I’ve decided to try to organise my Tumblr #Bloodlines2014 posts to here divided into the chapters.
Bloodlines’ version of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
04-25-2014 I entered the “Asian Theater” and confronted the Gargoyle.
Great job smashing the roof of your Haven though…
Oh shit! The streetlights change colour!
06-04-2014 "Snuff Is Enough"
All of this gives me the willies D:
Mummywrap Fetish
King’s Way oven.
06-26-2014 "Going the Way of Kings"
“I’m longing to kick your ass.”
…Down the rabbit hole…
This well in King’s Way 609 reminded me of Iban.
[And no I don’t do trigger warnings for gore.]
what I’m posting is from a 10 year old game gore
This part where the Player Character gets flushed-out of the pipe made me giggle.
I couldn’t remember what the Heavy Leather Toreador armour looks like, and one of the first Google results was this.
I am laughing so damn hard over this XD
Tzimisce Spider Creation
Books/information from the Nosferatu Warrens PART 1/3
Books/information from the Nosferatu Warrens PART 2/3
Books/information from the Nosferatu Warrens PART 3/3
06-27-2014 "The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus" Nosferatu Warrens LEVEL 1
Just some screenshots that don’t fit in another section.
06-27-2014 Nosferatu Warrens LEVEL 2
Throwing the barrel into the water to jam the blades.
Pump Flow Puzzle part 1/2
Pump Flow Puzzle part 2/2
What I drank my first few days of having Bloodlines in 2007
06-27-2014 This fan :[
At first I didn’t see the glowing duct I was supposed to enter...
06-28-2014 Nosferatu Warrens LEVEL 3
You’ve received a Message from a TELUS phone.
Got Bloodlines working on my laptop after I reinstalled Windows 7. So here are some screenshots of the Hollywood sky~
I do not remember examining the Santa Monica Haven’s ceiling before.
How to change Bloodlines’ resolution to fit a widescreen monitor, if the monitor doesn’t have the stretch to fit option
A rat I fed off of glitched and got stuck in the air.
06-28-2014 Nosferatu Warrens LEVEL 4
OBS works with Bloodlines now
That fucking pump flow puzzle.
Dick Custer.
Using Auspex on a rat.
Traffic lights in the Nosferatu Warrens.
Added the past few months to my list of #Bloodlines2014 posts.
Lone Strauss.
I didn’t realise these had a head for a hand.
A correction: on just watching the Nosferatu fight instead of helping, the monsters end-up causing him Final Death.
Since I didn’t seem to have taken any screenshots of the Belial’s orb attack thing.
Using the pipes to break my fall so I can time falling between the fan blades down to the Nosferatu Warrens Level 4.
06-28-2014 Entering Level 5 of the Nosferatu Warrens.
“That’s a good one, boss. You been feeding near the skids again?”
Lone pier at the bottom of a cavern.
Trying to pull Mitnick’s lantern off the wall…
Christmas lights along the gangway.
Bloodlines doesn’t know what to do when you start talking to Mitnick while he’s hunched over, then he stands up.
Mitnick telling you what you already know (if you are listening).
"Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" was released 10 years ago
invalid command: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Mitnick’s Embrace story.
Meeting Mitnik and accepting “A Tangled Web” side-quest from him.
The red water glitch I get in the Nosferatu Warrens.
Television on a loveseat.
Smashing-up your barrels, yo!
A reminder that all through the hallways of this area you can hear invisible Nosferatu whispering messed-up things trying to freak you out.
Finding the Galdjum in the Nosferatu Warrens
For some reason in Imalia’s room, my Toreador can see the sparkles that something I can pick-up/something hidden is there
I found screenshots of when I fell into the red water after hucking a barrel into it…
Meeting Imalia, and her Embrace story.
Imalia is insanely jealous of the rival model who has taken her place
I extracted the pack000.VPK Valve Pak file using the old VPKTool.rar; The pack000.VPK is where the dialogues & ambient sound files are stored.
I never noticed until ‎Saturday, ‎May ‎24, ‎2014, ‏‎4:40:31 PM that the bars on the garage window can be broken
“Go North Brea Tech Iguanadons!”
Window in Imalia’s room.
I don’t even.
Kool Kats cigarettes & Friggin' Chicken
I was dicking around and decided to finally attack that NPC that’s been stalking my character.
Either she’s now a very solid ghost, or the woman from the Snuff Film seems to have survived somehow.
The remaining screenshots I’ve had sitting in my To Post folder
Meeting Gary Golden [the Nosferatu Primogen]~
06-29-2014 After navigating the whole of the Nosferatu Warrens you get to a set of ornate doors. Behind them you meet Gary Golden
06-29-2014 So, once you tell Gary you’ll see him face-to-face, he appears in a *poof* behind you.
06-29-2014 So after bringing-up Kuei-Jin, Gary tells you what he wants.
Ankaran Sarcophagus plot summary up to this point.
I don't even.
“Jealous? Do you miss the surface? Do you miss your face?”
These are 2 dialogue options I didn’t choose in my main save.

Chapter #4: "Hidden Mysteries of the Eastern Lands”:
"A Tangled Web" Part #1/4 1/2
"A Tangled Web" Part #1/4 2/2
Broken rat. Glitched into being stuck in a fixed space about 3 feet off the ground
"A Tangled Web" Part #2/4 1/2
"A Tangled Web" Part #2/4 2/2
Seems I should rewatch “The Misfits”, and also watch “Chinatown" & "The Two Jakes" for the first time to set the mood for the upcoming story.
"A Tangled Web" Part #3/4 1/2
"A Tangled Web" Part #3/4 2/2
Haven Posters hidden mini-quest!
Subject: Cheat Codes
he was standing there talking about the whereabouts of his daughter into his empty hand.
During “Kikinapped" I found a very hard to see Gold Ring
Just some screenshots from Chinatown.
Standing over a garbage bin.
Moving billboard. What does the sign say?
The fucking Glaze Club DJ still spins records even if the place is being shot-up.
I jumped in your pond, Ming Xiao.
12-03-2014 Meeting Ming-Xiao.
Kiki getting “Kikinapped”.
One of Wong Ho’s shiny-shiny vases.
The guy just hanging-out by himself in the Lotus Blossom’s pubic bath
Trying to describe a Nosferatu hacker to a human…
12-04-2014 Kikinapped 1
12-04-2014 Kikinapped 2
12-04-2014 Kikinapped 3
12-04-2014 Kikinapped 4
In my screenshots I learned that Wong Ho starts talking on the telephone before even playing the picking it up animation too.
The Red Dragon’s annoying hostess.
The Red Dragon’s hidden elevator to Wong-Ho’s office.
Wong-Ho gets very angry & a tad disgusted with you if you ask him where to find guns
My character is not a Lasombra.
Ming-Xiao being condescending even while trying to talk about Kuei-Jin’s relationship with humans.
Drips from the window.
"Gone Fishn'" Meeting Yukie & accepting to help her find the “demon” who killed her mentor.
More on “Gone Fishn’”
Abandoned chairs in Detroit
Just some more screenshots of Yukie.
Wong-Ho on Ming-Xiao buying the Golden Temple
What are these 2 up to?
12-05-2014 "Original Gangster" 1
The Zhao’s Imports warehouse fire fight was so fucking hard for me.
12-05-2014 "Original Gangster" 2
Going back to Wong-Ho to try to tell him that Zhao is dead yields no extra dialogue options.
I’m guessing that Johnny had fallen asleep standing up before I dropped in.
Made a .GIF of Johnny shooting the Player Character.
12-05-2014 "Dragon’s Tail" 1/2
12-05-2014 "Dragon’s Tail" 2/2
met with “INVENTORY FULL” finally
inbatcountry17 replied to your photoset
I’ve mentioned corn spiders in my #Bloodlines2014 posts.
Steps in the Glaze club.
Tumblr is so broken for me right now
Buckfinster’s Manifesto
2/3 of the past #Bloodlines2014 posts were by e-mail posting.
Sat a chair on top of the microwave at Kamikaze Zen.
Standing on the microwave & the back of the chesterfield like a cat.
*URGH* Tumblr is so slow uploading pictures now.
"A Tangled Web" Part #4/4 1/2
"A Tangled Web" Part #4/4 2/2
The power timer running-out and the lights coming back on.
If you chose to use Mitnick’s escape plan
tresbienbitch: my biggest enemy in any video game: full inventory
:/ Jaaaaack…
Reminded me of my stacking things in Bloodlines.
I really felt like playing Bloodlines tonight
This really was a question! What should I do next?
Bloodlines screenshot taken with Steam. I prefer the in-game screenshots
The little side-quests in Chinatown? Take-on the ridiculous shark demon?
viera–averia: I say shark demon because that thing sounds fierce and badass.
viera–averia: If a bear and a shark had a child, it would be this, holy shit.
EDIT: Here is a screenshot edit of Knox
More glitches I had in "Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines" back in 2007/2008.
Via Adam X Why on Facebook
flip-this-table: “HI BECKETT!! :D :D :D” is my immediate reaction every time he pops up.
How to change Bloodlines’ resolution to fit a widescreen monitor, if the monitor doesn’t have the stretch to fit option
Over a year…
…That’s not a suspicious look at all…
I decided to try attacking the “contact” instead of taking the message to Yukie.
I never noticed the book sale until tonight! :-D
I also never noticed that the bar drunk has ramblings too.
Junpei is that you?
04-26-2016 "Gone Fishin'" meeting at the Red Dragon
04-26-2016 "Gone Fishin'" completed

Chapter #5: "Opening Pandora's Box”:

Chapter #6: "It's The Blood Of Caine That Shapes Your Destiny”:



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