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Naïvety's Star

05-27-2014 Excerpt

I decided to Friends' Lock the entry I posted these pictures in originally due to it concerning my biological mother's work, but here are the pictures in an entry by themselves now too.

May 28th, 2014 @ 04:31 am at { }

Anyway we were all dressed-up, so here are some pictures of me in my purple George dress & of me holding my brats. Nicki followed me around the whole time I was getting ready to go adn when I came back and we joked that he probably wanted to come with me.

I recently got SoftPaws for Nick as I've had to take Minnow to the vets' 3 times due to scratched eyes, and he has ripped holes in so many of my good clothes. They are just on his hind claws as though I clip my brats' nails his hind claws are really thick and he can puncture things with them even if they are cut. He managed to get 2 off the 3RD day, and pulled on them the first few but he seems to have gotten use to them. I got him purple as if I give him a choice of a bunch of toys he will almost always choose the ourple or orange ones (Lydia chooses pink, and Minnow isn't as select). I painted my toenails to match his claw caps yesterday too. He came over to me when I showed him, sniffed my toes, and rubbed against my legs.

EDIT--- { } ← More pictures. [Will add a couple when I load my SD card next.]
Tags: cats, event, lydia, minnow, nicolas, picture

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