Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

bought this sexy beast today.

I’ve wanted another mechanical typewriter since my youngest adoptive sister took back her Sears one. I have an electric typewriter, and this one I bought today is the Brother make too. It looks to take universal ink ribbons, so I’m hoping to find a new one. If anyone knows of an inexpensive supplier, let me know!

It’s a mustard yellow colour, and seems to be 1960’s. The typewriter is cleaned & works, except the ribbon is dried-out. I don’t pick it up to bring back to my residence until my birthday though [Luckily as Wendy had a damn fit when I said I bought one happily. Going-on about how I have too much junk to deal with if they kick me out, etc.].

I wanted to buy the sexy bankers’ lamp too, but it is an authentic glass shade one, and I have 3 bratty cats that would probably smash it. I’d like to find a plastic shade replica someday though.

These are at The Green Barn, a local business to me. I had to go to Annapolis Royal today and it is on the way back, and my mom wanted to stop in because I’m also looking for a replacement yellow wall mounted rotary telephone (when I was in university, there was a storm back here in Nova Scotia, and my adoptive family lent it to my ex’s sister because they had lost power. The fuckers threw it out instead of returning it.), and a 20 inch television.

Went to pick it up, had been making payments on it (had it on layaway). I had the layaway slip in my hand, and the payment receipts in my wallet. I was all excited and had even bought ribbon for it. "Oh, it's not here.". Seems The Green Barn sold it on me. Didn't call me, or e-mail me despite getting that information from me. I asked why, she said she didn't think of it. Didn't have any remorse, and didn't want to refund me. Wanted me to look at the others they had in stock. I demanded my money and left. I am utterly disgusted. I'm so tired of getting excited for something that ends-up being bullshit.
Tags: nova scotia, shopping

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