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Quick Ramble After Finally Finishing "Heavy Rain".

Finished “Heavy Rain” yesterday evening. After you know, having to play it over again from Prologue [save corruption]. I first played up to Sexy Girl in 2011 on my peep’s PS3, but since I only get to visit him every couple of months other games took more preference to playing since I already knew the ending from Mattsles (the peep’s) playing. His playing and also how the Crime Scene demo was what we first played is why Norman Jayden is my favourite character. The dorky, awkward, but capable, & clever FBI agent. The part in Crime Scene where he is all “Yeah…yeah of course I do.” about showing his badge for clearance, how awkward his weather/rain conversation is, how you can fail the drinking coffee QTE, and how COVERED IN MUD you can get him (just before the awkward coffee/weather/it’s cold conversation with the cops, and right before meeting Perry) is just ♥. Yes, he is an addict. But you can play him as getting clean, and given that the ARI is part of his job… But, yeah, Norman [or “Nommin’” as we call him] is who I’d love a Chronicle for. I don’t call him Nommin’ to make fun of him, or the speech impediment he may have, but as endearment (it’s how he pronounces his name) and because his actor is British and puts on the wonky accent for the part.

I got New Start, Case Closed, Heroine, & Origami’s Grave for my endings.

I wasn’t going to get Resignation, but I decided I couldn’t make Norman not do his job. I was expecting a fast timed scene for Solving The Puzzle, but I did it right fast despite having problems Analysing the video. The game didn’t let me change the Environment and had me stuck on one I have trouble seeing the options on. Sharks creep me right out, but I use the underwater theme because I just can’t make out the ARI interface on the others with my eyesight & current televisions. I prefer the forest one though. I’ve decided to take Norman tripping-out & seeing the tanks as just a side-effect of his trying to get clean. Like he flushes the Triptocaine down the toilet, and is shown using mostly paper files & a regular computer. But there are things only the ARI can do easily, which I guess is why he is shown using it in the ending cutscene. I went with New Start (Shaun & Ethan playing is :D ) as planned, because I had no intention of having Ethan kiss Madison. I don’t ship them, and the whole thing is so clichéd. I might ship them if they had spent more time together, but it just sees too action movie rushed the main character gets together with the chick-ish. And given Ethan’s state during the trials getting with someone (even to distract) is the least of what he needs. Lastly in the Innocent ending him & his wife are shown going to try to get back together, so there is that to. They did try for 1 1/2 years after Jason dies, and if they still want to I guess let them before a sensible relationship with Madison. Though it’s probably my own trust issues that I’m *meh* at how easy he forgives her when he learns she’s a journalist/writing a book on the Origami Killer case. Which is why I like that if you don’t kiss her, he doesn’t find out and thus his apology for not trusting her in The Old Warehouse fits better. My favourite Shelby ending is A Mother’s Revenge, which I got when I went back and got the So Close… trophy. Lastly I loved how Norman hucked the wrench at the Origami Killer just like he did with the crowbar in Covered Market. Why can’t Ethan pick up any of the other metal poles laying around. And I laughed that the credits showed things I hadn’t done.


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