Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Lydia's 3RD Birthday & Minnow


Yep, a brat faced Bratface.

It was not appetising to me, but it was to her. I garnished it with cat grass.

She ate all but a few 'crumbs'. [And then laid beside the plate, and picked-up those 'crumbs' with her paw]

Nick sniffed too, but he didn't care after. | Minnow, and Nick laying at a weird angle.


Minnow sitting on my toadstool stools!


That container of grass is of cat grass which I’m going to put in the compost tonight as they didn’t like this brand and let it grow & die without eating much. I took the grate off the top so they could eat a bit of the still bright green ingrown bits that had grown under the grating.

The kind I usually get that they’ll eat.

It's the Hagen CATIT Senses Cat Grass Garden I got Minnow for her birthday last year~ And is a lovely devices. You can just put regular non fertilised potting soil & any brand of cat grass in it instead of buying the refill kits. Actually I prefer doing that as I find the refill’s growing medium tends to quickly go moldy, unlike the potting soil. The grating prevents the brats from eating the soil, or making a mess with it, and the base is heavy & has a slip preventing mat so they can’t upset it easily.



Metal mushrooms.

These are lawn ornaments I have. Though this year I’m not sure where I’ll put some since our pine trees were removed by Nova Scotia Light and Power in the autumn…
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