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From R-2E-054 On February 4TH, 2014

I made a similar post on this yesterday with my 3DS that vanished in a Varnish Error :/

I haven't been online much the past week-ish because it's either been too uncomfortable or I've been too doped-up to concentrate to type. I've also not checked my e-mail until earlier today due to that & stress/anxiety. Anyway I'll get into why I've been doped-up & uncomfortable and see how this goes this time. I've installed LiveJournal.NET on my laptop now, but it seems to lack Location (I don't remember it lacking it) so I posted this entry with the Location & as Private and am now editing it now.

According to 2 outpatients doctors I've pulled a ligament along the spikey bony part of my spine. I felt tightness/stiffness last Tuesday but figured it was just from sitting playing Bloodlines or picking Minnow up (she's 16+ pounds). Wednesday it was a burning feeling with the stiffness so I suspected another upper UTI. Thursday is was uncomfortable/painful to sit with my back against my chair in the kitchen or to lay on my back. It had become a pressure/pulling feeling and I was unsettled by it. I had to go to Soldiers Memorial Hospital Friday for more bloodwork [which was awful. I had a paper for 6 vials, plus 1 because I asked for the butterfly needle method. Well one of the vials broke-off in the chamber & smashed on the floor. So they had to switch to my right arm (I get my left usually because of the bruising), and retake that vial so I had 9 in total (because they had to start a new butterfly needle). The bleeding wasn't stopping either and I was asked if I was on blood thinners & if I had a drive. I've currently got a multi-coloured bruise on my right arm wrapping around towards my elbow, and a smaller one on my left arm.] anyway so I figured I'd go to outpatients if it was still hurting after. It was, but after the bloodwork & breakfast (the microwave melted the plate into a clamshell shape) I wasn't in the mood to wait at the crowded outpatients when I was already late to visit Matts. I didn't sit much while hanging-out at his place because we played Wii U ("Nintendo Land" & he bought me "Super Luigi U") and I stood-up for that (relatedly; Smudge & Kipper are so adorable). But on the car ride back to my residence, I couldn't sit still & was almost in tears from the pain & pressure/pulling feeling everytime my back touched the car seat. So we decided to go to outpatients that night. I got seen quickly because if it was an upper UTI with my kidney history or a spinal injury. The triage nurse was disgruntled that I'd waited so long to get help. I had the sexy doctor I had back with the Barium event; and when he asked what I'd done that day and I said I played video-games, he remembered I'd done so before going to outpatients last time, and asked if Matt & I were a couple, to say hello to him for him, and if playing video-games at his place was bad luck. He had me do exercises, and tested my reflexes & balance. After examination he prescribed me some medication, and told me I had pulled a ligament along my spine. He drew me some pictures of where it was located (which he took with him). I'm supposed to watch it though, and go back if I feel any numbness or tingling because there is a nerve along there too that could be touched or come loose (which sounds scary D: ) and I'd loose bowel control.

The pills made me hella sleepy, and even when I was awake I felt dopey or hungover. I couldn't type well, and it was difficult to even concentrate. They also had only stopped the spasming, but had done nothing else for the pain or pressure. Just making me sleep through it. I didn't take any Sunday because my Mom & I went to see "The Wolf of Wallstreet" (which was cruder than I expected, and about 3 hours of the crudeness. Also the 3RD Leonardo DiCaprio movie we've seen at King's Theatre). It was awful trying to sit in the theatre seat when if my back touched it I felt pressure & pulling on my spine. I couldn't wait to get back and take a pill so I could just go to sleep & not deal with it. I ate & did just that from 6:00PM to 6:00AM. The pills also caused realistic seeming dreams**, that took me awhile to wake from.

Monday I was so uncomfortable that I just took another pill & drank a glass of water for breakfast. My mother stopped in & woke me up around noon, and asked if I'd like to go to Kentville with her for an appointment she had (Nicolas was low on food & it's cheaper up in Greenwood). So I got dressed & went. I was uncomfortable on the way up so decided to go to the Valley Regional's outpatients to see if I could get more suitable medication. I got into the assessment cubicle (after registration & the triage nurse) relatively fast, but didn't get seen for about 1 1/2 hours. Which was understandable because I saw 2 ambulance crash carts come in, and there was also a baby & an old man who had fallen ahead of me. I got assigned a Dr. Miller & a dick faced nurse. The doctor redid the exercises & tests and came to that it was a pulled ligament too. I told him the pills weren't working, and he said that they probably weren't because they don't decrease swelling which is what is causing the pressure. That'd they were mostly just makign me sleep through it. So he said he'd prescribe me something that'd help, but he wanted to test for an UTI as well just to be sure. So I got my sample right away, but the nurse had taken-off somewhere. I waited, but went & asked another doctor what to do with my sample. He told me to wait for the nurse, so I waited another 40 minutes. I finally just went to one of the reception desks & asked what to do. They took it and told me it'd take 20 minutes for the results. By this time I'd been there around 3 hours & my mom was getting very aggitated, so I was getting antsy (she's left me places before). She asked to use a telephone & called work to get someone to cover for her in case we weren't done soon (she had to work at 7:00PM & we were about 1 1/2 hour drive from Bridgetown). By then the nurse had reappeared and was drinking coffee & fiddling with his smartphone. 20 minutes later a worker came with my results & clipped them to my board on the wall, and told the nurse that Miss Dumphy's results were back. We waited more and I went over & told him my results were there. He looked at the board, and said he'd go get Dr. Miller then. I watched him stand-up, walk out, stand there a moment, turn around, wak back, and sit back down. Pretending he'd gone and got the doctor. After bit longer he left again & a passing doctor saw my chart & moved it to the reassess section. The nurse returned with coffee for himself & others. One of the other nurses came over and stood beside him chatting & laughing. After she left, he started typing stuff on one of the computers. By then I'd been there 5 hours. He left again around 40 minutes later. And Dr. Miller came back, and I went over and told him my results had been back for hours. He was disgruntled that no-one had told him, and sat right down to fill out the forms & write me 2 prescriptions. One for a painkiller/anti-inflammatory, and one for antibiotics because I have a bit of infection. So 6 hours later we finally got to leave. Since there isn't much blood supply in ligaments this could take awhile to heal, but at least I've got something to combat the part that's bothering me.

These pills are helping a lot better (still causing vivid messed-up dreams though**), and have lessened the pulling on my spine feeling I was getting while laying on my side. It's still unbearable to lay on my back, but I've only had 3 doses so far. I can handle pain, but where it's my spine the pressure/pulling is very disconcerting! They aren't making me numb though, which I'd rather (though I could easily get addicted to feeling numb :/ ), but just sleeping through discomfort was pants too. The antibiotics look like bees, while the others are just sort of yellow & hard for me to swallow. watchcry says to pretend I'm Nicolas Cage while taking the bee ones, so I've decided to pretend to be "The Magician's Apprentice" Nic Cage.

.@PopeRichardCory on Twitpic ← My Nicolas

As for my appointment last month; my count was high, but not high enough yet for him to order marrow testing. I've lost 14 pounds since October (not sure how much stuffing my face with holiday food factored). So he ordered more blood work & now I'm waiting to see another specialist. But given that I'm still waiting to see one since last year, I expect a long wait.

**So far I've dreamt: I had to have my cat euthanised (and had to actually go find him to make sure it was a dream), that I could feel my television from my bed (it's about 4 feet from where I sleep), a dream that was a mix of Batman/"The Midnight Circus"/The Cold War with The Joker, about a Tzmisce fleshcraft place where an experiment (dressed like a 1950's housewife but with 2 torsos/arms sewn together for a head) saw/heard a Bath Fitter commercial & decided to create something with what she had around her (and I awoke hearing large garden shears, and feeling them by my neck), a messed-up gory horror movie dream where a haunted house was killing people, and one of polo on these robotic faux carpeting covered kangaroo things. So though I'm not groggy from medication now, I'm lacking a bit of sleep from said fucked-up dreams.

I should share the Valentinr substitute I posted for this year too { }.
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