Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines" 01-08-2014

Started playing Bloodlines again, because I realised that since it doesn't rely on the mouse so much that I could probably play it 'on-the-go' with R-2E-054. And to keep me playing I am going to try to post about it like I did back in 2006/2007. I'll be posting that to my Tumblr** though as I don't want to clutter my LiveJournal so much.

I'm doing the Character Creation Glitch this time as I'm playing for fun & distraction & plot.


"This is bullshit!" Niiiiiiines~

Tonight I pretty much just started a new file, and saved right after talking to Jack before doing the first task. It was a lot easier to install & get running than I expected with this being an almost 10 year-old game & using Windows 7. I worried it wouldn't save due to the Administrator problems. I was glad I had save my physical game disks as .MDF files because R-2E-054's disk drive is a pull-out tray and hard to put disks in, and I'm worried about damaging the disks. I also keep accidentally opening said tray, and that would be pants since the 1ST disk is required to play. I have stuff to do tomorrow, so I don't know when I'll start back.

**{ } I made a tag just for it!

This post over on Tumblr!
Tags: bloodlines, computer game, vampire, vtm

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