Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

From R-2E-054 On January 3RD, 2014

I might as well share my Tumblr again since with my laptop I've been using it now. I planned to just use it to claim my user-name. I'm not uploading my own art/pictures there though because of the quality/resizing issue & how hard it is to find the source of something. I don't Follow any peeps unless they Follow me first because of anxieties that they won't want me to. Most of my posts are Queued. Either from 'add to queue' or by scheduling them at random or times that my synaesthesia associates with the image. Like Clear pictures have a lot of 8's or 2's. Dio day is the 5TH because 5 is red & Dio is red. My theme is modified from Greyness, but I messed around with the HTML & options a lot. ahnjehleehn uses Greyness, and I am fond of the 'go to page' option with it. I added the dividers, the spacing between posts, the bolding, having page titles have a summary/content, the avatars on Notes, and various other things. I fail at a lot of HTML things, and don't understand Tumblr's block codes, but I got it working well enough. I used to have Default. Here is one of my favourite pictures I found in the past while, because I don't really have capacity for much else.


Anyway, I am lonely, weak, & so fed-up.
Tags: dmmd, linking, picture

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