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From Nintendo 3DS On March 31ST, 2013

I don't really think that it matters if I update. But I might as well. I have been ridiculously low, and a lot of distractions haven't been working. This is a type of distraction too, so again I might as well.


→I have an "EDIT" bit that I need to retype on my last post because it kept failing to save, but "Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure" is still awesome. I'm finding traveling all over the large map a bit tedious (especially since I keep clicking on everything not wanting to miss Sound Disks, Medals, & Recorder Noises). Marie is a great partner. Like she originally reminded me of Colette from "Tales of Symphonia" (which I never finished), but she is actually really valuable. Like there have been times when Raphael hasn't known what to do, but she had a very clever idea. She is also good at sneaking. And she isn't a 'damsel in distress'--the only time she took off crying is because of something very harsh (she had been raised in an convent and they thought they'd finally found her mother, but the woman was all "No." and acted like Marie was an unsightly bug). And even Raphael trying to pull they "I don't want to put you in danger!" was founded in the fact that what seems to be a resurrected (zombie?) Napoléon wants Raphael actually dead & keeps sending his knights to physically attack. It wasn't because she's be 'in the way' since she really is smart & helpful, but actually because she'd really be in danger. But Raphael gave in and they've broken into a few places together so far [I'm only on Chapter 5 (of at least 10)]. Also I am pretty much fangirling over Charlie! I can only get D Rank in the two fights I've had with him, but he is just so cool. Little serious detective with something to prove~ I've asked ahnjehleehn to draw me a picture of him.
→My 3DS' right shoulder button [R Button] has been selectively responsive, and if a cleaning (Nintendo recommends a clean & dry toothbrush, but I can't afford one right now) doesn't remedy it, I'll have to send it off for repairs again. Luckily I got another year added to my warranty because of the hinge repair. I first thought the unresponsiveness was just in the newly updated Internet Browser (which seems slower now & I dislike how the loading bar is), but on playing "Mighty Switch Force!" (which the shoulder button is the switch button) I kept dying because it didn't respond all the times when pressed. It doesn't seem like a physical issue since it makes the satisfying *click* that the other buttons do.
On Wednesday morning I was getting a hot water bottle. There was an air bubble in the top and boiling water poured all over my right hand. I ran it under cool water, but still I got burned enough for the skin to start peeling (it didn't help that I had to clean-up the spilled water first because adoptive sister thought it was funny and wouldn't help). Because of the peeling I figured I might have to go to outpatients. I tried calling my biological mother at her work, but she had already left so I waited for her to possibly stop in. She also didn't like the looks of it, but I decided to call 811 (Nova Scotia's health helpline) first because I didn't want to make her drive 40 minutes to the hospital at 7:30AM after just working a night shift. They told me to go, and faxed the details from my telephone call up, so off we went to Middleton (they recommended SMH over Annapolis Royal's because of staffing). They gave me a cold pack & wrapped a clean cloth about, but I didn't get into a room for about 2 hours. After I got in a room they made me soak my hand in sterile water. Then after the on-call doctor diagnosised 2ND & 1ST degree burns, a nurse then wrapped my hand and I was sent-off. I am supposed to watch it & keep changing the bandages, but it should get better quickly. The worst is my ring finger, in between my index & middle fingers, and my index finger's knuckle. That's where it blistered & peeled, but the rest is just a slowly fading discoloration. It doesn't really hurt unless in a warmer temperature, but it is bothersome to have to use my non-dominant hand so much. My hair is sticky from not getting it rinsed well enough when I washed it last :/
→On Thursday I put a vinyl glove on and cleaned my room though. I was planning to anyway (while Wendy was away & thus not here to complain or snoop through my stuff), and I decided I was too sick of it to wait for my hand to heal. I love clean bedding, and my new sheets have chickadees on them. Nicki isn't very happy with it though since I didn't put his blanket back on, and instead put my purple throw at the foot. He used to love the purple throw, and liked to suck on the fringe, but since he has a blanket he really loves all others don't compare?
→I caught-up on "Doctor Who" except for "The Angels Take Manhattan" & "Demon's Run: Two Days After". The first I have ready, but am not in the mood for as ⇒
Tags: doctor who, health, nintendo, rhythm thief, video-game

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