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"Let's cheese it, Fondue!"

I finally got "Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure" yesterday. EB Games had an opened but new copy (the display copy, so opened to remove the game) for $20--so about $10 cheaper than ordering it online from Amazon. I dislike that the Club Nintendo card is bent, and plan to call tomorrow about it, since there is a cool illustration on the back of it. I get that they wanted to keep it out of the box to prevent shop lifters, but I did pay for a brand new game so it should have been stored flat instead of folded-up (if worst-comes-to-worst I'll buy an Amazon copy, switch the cartridges and return the current copy for my money back, since I got the extended warranty).

Anyway, the game is awesome. Raphael is so cool, but you get that he talks to himself & Fondue so much out of loneliness (also in his eagerness to show Marie his secret identity). But he really enjoys playing at his persona of Phantom Thief R. It has fantastically great music, and the games are tough but fun. Ii really like "Moon Princess" which requires you to move the stylus back in forth in time to play a violin. And I'm terrible at the tilting meat catch one, and the cooking one.

After sneaking in and out of the Paris Constabulary though, you avoid getting hit by a soccer ball. And then a cool & young detective announces himself and attacks you.

I'm hoping Charlie turns-out to be a 'Charlotte' XD But having him for a rival is going to be so cool (and Raphael tells him he is "scoring for the wrong team")!

Since I can't be bother to retype a 4TH time, here is a picture of my Nintendo 3DS I took of what I tried typing:
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