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"AR Games" Pictures #002

Originally posted on March 17TH, 2013. At 09:22PM

I've had these taken & uploaded since 04-06-2012, but given how the Saunder thing went I was too scared to post. But since Photobucket is messing-up tomorrow [it isn't that bad, except it dislikes my older computer/slow Internet, & changes my careful organisation >:[ (I AM GOING TO MISS 'CHERRY CRUSH' THOUGH)], here are the second bunch of "AR Games" pictures

The first post can be found over{HERE}



As you can see from his eyebrows, he isn't a natural blond, and though the "Mii Maker" doesn't have either, Alexander has light brown roots showing, and 2 different coloured eyes.

Zinnian & my Sarah Mii~♪


The Lumbry Family

Emily, Frederick, Samuel, Mila, & Lorel

The promised Samuel & Emily (There isn't really a light brown if one is using what is there for red, so I switched between the two other browns, one of which I already use as dark blonde)


Brothers Frederick & Samuel Lumbry

Emily's maiden name was Moore, and Mila's surname is Vrabec. I never really got to go into it, but Mila is just very good friends with Frederick, besides from being his housekeeper & Lorrie's adoptive mother. Samuel died at sea (he was a merchant captain for his & his brother's business) before Lorel was born (and the reason Emily chose "a name of the Empire"/Sabitha for their daughter), but Frederick having just bought a house offered to let Emily & Lorel stay with him & Mila (since they were about the only family he had left). Emily was visiting relatives and was caught in a flood around the time that Lorel was 3 years-old, so she was raised by Frederick & Mila (the backstory was how I explained the in-game dreams of Death By Water). Though they all know that their bond is that of mother, father, & daughter, Frederick refuses to call Lorrie anything but his niece since she is his big brother's daughter. And since Lorel knew her mother, she never called Mila anything but her name. Lorel refers to her mother as 'Mama', and her father as just that since she never knew him (though Frederick sometimes comments on how much she looks like him). Lorel is the heir to the Lumbry merchant & shipping business, and at times has dressed as a gentleman to be more appealing business for some of her uncle's clients. Of course her crossdressing started more as a way to sneak-off when she was travelling with Frederick on his business trips. She used to dress as a costermonger, and play more freely than she did back in Frampton-On-Severn.


Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) & Sean Connery

More Jane & Sean Connery [Connery was an in-joke from the RP, that one of the character's wasn't expecting a young androgynous detective, instead expecting like Sean Connery ('Connery' is also still considered a swear word in "Mii Maker")]

Patrick Jane from "The Mentalist"

Peter Davis, Paul McGann, & David Tennant (5 & 10 made by Jeremy/@Formaldehyde_Jo)

Levitating The Eighth Doctor?

The Master is giant!

More giant Delgado D:

I'm guessing The Fifth & Tenth Doctors are arguing (well just being fussy like in "Time Crash"), while The Master & The Eighth Doctor has some sort of psychic tug-of-war?


I made more characters, but I don't know if I will ever do another session like this again. I did take a picture of my Mii for Saint Valentine's Day though:
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