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From Nintendo 3DS On March 7TH, 2013

I can edit my user-picture, add pictures, & such later with LJ.NET since it loads the raw text to edit & not the messed-up like the new update page does (it changes things to the alt& etc.). The messing-up stuff is why I backed-up stuff to ladys_rambles so much. It can't do 'do not add to RS feeds & Friends' Pages' like the old update page, and I haven't figured-out backdating, but custom Moods & drop-down user-pictures is lovely.

I'll add ■ where I might upload picture's later.


On Monday I went with Matts to Sushi Fang in Greenwood. We both got their bento boxes, but I got sashimi, and he got beef teriyaki, then we split them 50/50. They give more tempura if you eat in, but less rice & miso soup than with take-out. It was so, so much food though D: We devoured it all, but were both hella sleepy/walking blobs for the rest ofnthe day. Their bento boxes come with: miso soup, rice, salad (lettuce with a mayonnaise like sauce), tempura (eggplant, yam, shrimp, & broccoli), 3 California rolls, & a main [beef teriyaki, sashimi (6 pieces, but we got 7), hibachi chicken, salmon teriyaki, or sushi (5 pieces)]. All for about $16.00 ($12.95+15% tax). I've only had their bento & a tempura udon (so, so good D: But I could eat tempura or/and noodles/pasta all day anyway). We also split (*ba-dum-tish*) a deep-fried banana. They gave us the honey (tasted like maple syrup though) & sesame kind instead of the chocolate & ice-cream kind, but brought us a piddly amount of ice-cream when we told them the mistake. I was so, so good D: My damn tooth (old filling, got am appointment afternoon today though, after my last one had to be cancelled due to sick Nicolas) kept being cold sensitive though, so I had to eat the cool bits on one side :/ I also got iced tea, which besides from Arizona green is not something I drink very often.


I also borrowed money from Matts and bought a 100 spindle of blank DVDs since they were on sale for about $30. I planned to get a smaller spindle, but he offered so I got the massive one. Now to burn off things I've been meaning to send to peeps.

Ardene (one of my favourite stores) has closed since I was at the Greenwood Mall last. The Inside Story bookstore moved to a nearby old store, and is now no longer in the mall and is also now just one cheap looking room. They just sell books & cards now (I used to get art supplies there & gift items), have a Wal*Mart variety, & pretty much is not the store they were. There old place felt like a bookstore, had variety, & was helpful (I waited over 10 minutes in the new place for one of the 2 workers to assist me in an otherwise empty store). I think they even got rid of the old manager :[ The mall has also lumped together all the clearance items from various stores into where the La Senza used to be. They only have 25% off and most of it left is broken though. There were 2 large faux stone wall arts there that Douchette & I kept joking about (he even laughed saying he'd buy them to put on either side of one of my room's windows):


After we hobbled to the transit bus & hung-out back at his place. I played more "The Unfinished Swan" [giving the controller to him when the Nighttime level started really creeping me out (you have to stay in the small bits of light, while navigating through a pitch-black forest...where giant glowy-eyed spider things can attack you...and actually kill Monroe. Very little music too, only the sounds of the spiders rustling about, your running, Monroe's heartbeat & cries when not in the light, and crickets)]. I love how creative that game is! But it has to be played in little bits because it can become tedious. I got up until the page about The King creating love, then it was supper time.

Matt's stepdad cooked stuffed & Shake-n-Bake chicken breasts, with mashed potaties, & vegetables. I was glad & surprised he did (the last few times I've visited, Matt's mom has been going to pick us up supper, but he has said we'd already had ate, but tells us she is bringing something, so we don't cook, and thus miss supper. That's the ind of person he is :/ ). And it was delisous~ We were surprised how hungry we were since it had only been 4-5 hours since the massive Sushi Fang meal. After we both were even sleepier D:

I also played with the character creator in "SoulCaliber V". I made a knight!Lorel (or The Lonely Knight) because there is a character named Hilde that is a female knight-type. So I picked her fighting style, but chose a hella long trident & bastard sword. The nose on the face I picked isn't quite right, and she doesn't have that much top-lip-dip-thing, and the cheeks aren't podgy enough (which is one of my favourite things of her), but the rest is close to my head!image (or at least in the SoulCalibur style!).

I even managed to get the right type of voice--except the accent. Her whole under armour (which is not the Hilde!armour, and took me ages to get all the pieces edited to be in the same colour scheme) is bandages under multi button-fronted trousers & a billowy/poet shirt, with a blue leather vest over top. I am terrible at the game so I didn't actually play her much, but I did beat Ezio (from Assassin's Creed) over the head with the trident quite a lot! The Hilde fighting style is a long range melee weapon for the main attacks, but a sword or other such short ranged weapon for closer attacks. Also kicking/stomping and not very graceful tossing (but pretty fast given the whole covered in armour thing).
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